In 2002, about 20 minutes into watching “Die Another Day” - the twentieth movie in the James Bond franchise - for the first time I was stuck by a curious feeling.  It was Déjà vu; I had seen this movie before.  It took me a little longer to realize where.  I saw “Die Another Day” back in 1995 when it was called “Goldeneye.”


Think about it.  In both movies we have a character thought dead but appears alive to threaten the world a massive space super-weapon which, incidentally, in both cases basic a giant laser that can pinpoint and fry any point on the planet.  It’s the same movie, just different characters.


I call this recycled plot phenomenon “Going Bond”.


I got that same feeling when playing Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.    The plot, at its core, is exactly the same as Drake’s first adventure.  You have Drake chasing after a mythical object with supernatural properties.  And mutants.  And a bad guy with lots of hired guns.  Change the location and add a few new characters, and you’ve got a new game.


The more I thought about it, most of these Treasure Hunting games doesn’t contain a “magical” object from lore, mutant/demons, and a lot of guys with guns?


Good lord, games are Going Bond!


Now, I love these games.  I love the mystical aspect of the story and the hunt for the McGuffin.  And I think Uncharted 2 definitely raises the bar on what a game can be.  But I would like to see a story that doesn’t rely on the same plot devices.  Why does the treasure always have to be an ancient weapon or transformative substance?  It shouldn’t always have to give eternal life, melt people, or cause the end of the world.


Perhaps it’s simply a fault of the medium.  We are gamers, after all.  We need something fun to shoot at while we’re racing through ancient ruins and something dire to give our actions meaning.  However, I believe there is room for real creativity in this genre, and that we should do more than keep using the same plot devices and changing up the McGuffin (treasure).  It’s time for something truly original.


Will Uncharted 3 just be more of the same, or will Naughty Dog take the genre into new directions?