Dragon's Dogma director Hideaki Itsuno is confident that his sales will reach at least 1 million in Japan, but is not yet sure about the games world wide appeal. While some people might think it is just another open world RPG, it looks like it is going to be quite the unique experience. Itsuno's goal is to sell 10 million copies worldwide, while this may prove to be difficult, the challenge lies in marketing the game. The game looks great, but compared to other games of the same genre it lacks the marketing campaign which breeds success. For example games such as Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and Skyrim, both leading competitors in the RPG gaming industry, have ads which practically attack you on the internet. Before KoA:R was released I would find adds for it on the side of Youtube searches and Skyrim did not have to reach out to people since they already had an established fan base,  which guaranteed sales. However, Dragon's Dogma is a not only a new title but also a new step for Capcom, it is the first open world action RPG to be developed by the company. If you haven't heard, Capcom likes to take risks.

            People have been asking if this is Capcom's answer to the popular Skyrim and some people are even frowning at the thought of playing another dragon slaying RPG. They are similar in many ways but Dragon's Dogma differs primarily in its unique approach to combat. Skyrim had an abundance of lore and an almost infinite number of quests, but the pittance of action in the game prevented me from playing the game for extended periods and lessened the overall feel of the game. Dragon battles were dull and the dungeon crawling was very repetitive; the actual combat varied from being moderately exciting during a random kill animation to exceedingly boring swinging your weapon wildly or holding a button to use magic. In my opinion, it did not require much skill. There seemed to be too much role playing and not enough depth in the fighting. Not to mention you don't even have to level up to beat the game, as the enemies all scale with your own level; this is my biggest pet peeve in open world RPG games. I want to be able to wonder off and get destroyed by an enemy I had no idea even existed. By the looks of Dragon's Dogma, I can do just that, challenge myself at a low level by taking on monsters off the path or going out at night and challenging some unique enemies. All I ask for is the freedom to kill myself by engaging in fruitless competition with enemies that are not balanced by what level my character is, is that too hard to ask?

            While I'm sure Dragon's Dogma will have its fair share of lore and role playing, the adventure seems to be balanced with an equal amount of combat. Although I have not played the game yet it looks more and more promising with every new video and preview. We can look forward to more exhilarating combat with the grab function, which enables the player to make endless choices during combat. Itsuno can be quoted saying; "if it has a body part, you can attack it," this will give the player a much more realistic combat experience. Instead of attacking enemies at their shins until you have whittled their health bar down to nothing, you can climb up and attack them wherever you think they would be weakest. The mythical beasts are far from boring and look like they could kill you in a few shots if not careful. The day/night cycle seems to play a serious role in travelling and enemy encounters, and promises to give a survival/horror feel, characteristic of Isuno's Resident Evil: Outbreak. Similarities can be seen in Shadow of Colossus, Monster Hunter, and Dark Souls (particularly the art style and character movements), all of which have been excellent sellers in the past.

             The combination of features from these popular games and the unique features of Dragon's Dogma are all coming together nicely and seriously competing with games like Skyrim .They might even end up changing the future of open world RPGs. Although 10 million copies might be a little farfetched, this game is sure to do well and provide a very unique experience. Now if we could just get a release date for the demo. By the way did I mention the game comes with a Resident Evil 6 demo, this is sure to spark some extra sales.

           The video below from a website originating in the UK shows an individual's perception of the game, what he thought it was, and what it actually became to him after playing it. It shows raw gameplay from very early on in the game.  The third progression trailer has also been released search it up on the web.