The Modern Warfare series has produced two great, but flawed games. Here is my wishlist of what I want, and don't want from Modern Warfare 3.

1. No Noob Tubing

Noob tubing ruined Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2 in the eyes of many gamers. Noob tubing is weakened in Black Ops, but it's still there. Noob tubing is one of the biggest reasons that many gamers are going to choose Battlefield 3 over Modern Warfare 3. Noob tubing has to be taken out. It's just a cheap way to kill a guy without using any skill.

2. Bring Quick Scoping Back

One of the biggest complaints about Modern Warfare 2 was quick scoping. While quick scoping wasn't even close to being as annoying as noob tubing, it still needed to fixed. Then quick scoping was taken out of Black Ops. Quick scoping is too easy in Modern Warfare 2, and too hard in Black Ops. To me, the original Modern Warfare handled quick scoping perfectly. Very few people could quick scope with success, but the great players could. I want quick scoping to be just like how it was in Modern Warfare.

3. Destructible Environments

We know that Modern Warfare 3 will take place in Berlin, Paris, and New York. This means that a lot of the maps will be in urban areas. That leads a lot of opportunity for destructible environments. Destructible environments would make each game different. The map would look different, and the sniping spots could change each game. It would give the game a good sense of variety.

4. No Overpowered Killstreaks

Modern Warfare 2 had some overpowered killstreaks. You could get an insane amount of kills with the pave low. Black Ops is the same. You can wipe out a whole team with the chopper gunner or the dogs. I want the killstreaks to still be strong, but not overpowered. You should be rewarded for getting a long killstreak, but it shouldn't be so strong that the other players have no chance of surviving.

5. A Better Campaign

Many first-person shooters focus solely on multiplayer. Multiplayer is important, but the campain is important too. I want Modern Warfare 3 to have a better campaign than Black Ops did. In my opinion, the Modern Warfare series has had the best campains of the Call of Duty franchise. I want Modern Warfare 3 to continue that trend.

6. No Martyrdom or Second Chance

Martyrdom is one of the most annoying things in the Call of Duty franchise. You kill a guy, and then he drops a live grenade. That doesn't even make sense. How can a dead man drop a live grenade? Last stand was also annoying, but a guy in last stand wasn't much of a threat. Second chance is different. In second chance, you can fire your pistol, move, and be healed. That is so annoying! If your sniping a guy and you hit him in the chest, you expect him to die. If he has second chance he doesn't die. He just falls down. That isn't too much of a problem unless he moves into cover, and then is healed by a teamate! I have lost so many kills to second chance it's not even funny. I hate second chance. I really hope it's not in Modern Warfare 3. It would be bad enough if last stand was in Modern Warfare 3, but if second change is in Modern Warfare 3, it might ruin the game for me.

That concludes my Modern Warfare 3 wishlist. Thanks for reading!