Online Multiplayer has jumped massively into the mainstream since the early 2000s. Games have been catered down to peoples levels so almost anyone can play. Game developers have made games a cinch to just jump into a game and play for the first time. Take Infinity Ward for example, they've taken one of the biggest franchises in the world and made it easy and fun for all to use. The controls run smoothly, It's easy to get from place to place, you can pick a class to use everytime you die, they make it possible to unlock guns and perks to improve the experience, and it's certainly easy to point and shoot at enemies killing them with ease. This combination of 'fun' has created a monster in the past decade, and it's not the good kind of monster either. This monster, so to speak, has resulted in: years of frustration, hatred of the game, and anger management issues. Now, what is this 'monster' I have been speaking of? You must've guessed it by now, it is the dreaded and feared Sniper.

Any person that has ever played a 1st person shooter has experienced this unfair treatment gun abuse. Your just taking your time advancing through a field making sure nobody abushes you, you poke out your head for just a moment and within the few seconds your vulnerable, BAM!, you are now a lifeless, headless body that has fallen victim to a blood thirsty sniper. Everything is fine though, you can spawn and start a clean slate, you pick your next weapon of choice and drop into the field yet again. BAM!, there goes your head, just as you spawn too, noticing this time it's a different sniper. At this time your starting to get frustrated.

Games like Call of Duty and Battlefield have been the main contributers to this sniper abuse. The developers make it to easy that if you wanted to, you could just a have a whole team of snipers, picking off innocent gamers looking for a good time. And with the addition of perks and attachments to your class it just makes it easier to use your sniper. You can put on a Thermal scope and all of a sudden, it makes it that much more of a cinch to bring a player down into the ground. It seems only as if developers are trying to promote this behavior with the motto, why go out into the battle and fight like a man when I can be one mile away and kill everyone I see from the comfort of this one hundred foot building that only has one way up.



Games like Halo 3 has made sniping pratical to a certain level, Bungie has placed one or two snipers around the map and the players lucky enough to win the gunfight to pick it up gets to use to their liking. That's it, the other team only needs to be aware of that one sniper while crossing open plains instead of the possibility of being 5 or more snipers preying at you from a far.

But Halo also has a disapointing feature to sniping, one that many games have adopted. It's to easy to point and shoot, just aim the cross air at an opposing players head and shoot, and you have claimed a kill that easily. Leading your shot is only a word of myth and incorporating bullet drop into the picture has been ignored by big developer bullies.

How can you as an individual stop the ease of sniping? Actually there is no way for a single soul to single handedly convince big shot developers to stop with there ways. In fact, since such a big population of 1st person shooter players are full time snipers snipers, it's almost impossible to convince them to change sniping because they know they can abuse the system by the ease of shooting from a mile away. The only way to stop the way sniping works during the modern age is when developers start growing the common sense to see the monster they have created and destroy it once and for all, no matter how many 7 year old kids cry because they can't use anything other than snipers.

I'm not trying to just totally beef on snipers. I'm actually alright with it all. It just gets very frustrating when I'm trying to have a legit battle in streets and alleyways looking for other people risking their life on the field and I get sniped multiple times from 4 to 6 different snipers that camp every entrance possible to advance.

(Please keep the flaming low)