A few weeks, the one-year anniversary of DC Comics: The New 52 will be marked. The historic publishing event consisted of DC relaunching all their titles, as well as their entire continuity. As we arrive at the first anniversary, comic fans wonder: would DC really dispose years of continuity? The answer is yes-and no. You see, very few titles have gone through DC's relaunch untouched, leaving stories and stories gone. But, with the expanding scale of the new DCu, could DC be hiding it's old continuity on a parallel earth?

Ever since the historic (And ironically relaunch-starting) Crisis on Infinite Earths, DC's multiverse has played a humongous role in the DCu. Countless Elseworld (Tales from the Multiverse) stories have been told, and the multiverse is as important to DC as Superman or Batman.

You see, The New 52, is primarily based on Earth-0. This is the world where the main events in the DCu are happening. The JSA (Justice Society of America) has always been based off of Earth-2, and the Earth One graphic novels are likely based on.... Earth-1! Grant Morrison's Final Crisis showcased the many more worlds in the DCu, and Jack Kirby's New Gods have always played a big part in the multiverse, but are absent in the DCu, as of The New 52. however, a teaser at the end of Wonder Woman #12 may hint at the introduction of the New Gods. But, with so many unclaimed worlds on this blank slate, we can only wonder if one of them could hide the old continuity.

As the universe keeps expanding, it's not unlikely that at least some nod to the old worlds are hiding somewhere out there. With the main stories and such established, and events like Rise of the Third Army and Trinity War on their way, what is hiding out there?