The ending of "The Amazing Spider-Man" being left open to interpretation should not come as a surprise, but something was a little different this time. Instead of giving a hint at what the next movie could be about, it actually showed something that left not only normal viewers, but fans scratching their heads.

I think I've pieced together who... or what, this mysterious, Darth Sidious-like silhouette could be.

I'm not a huge reader of Spider-Man comics, but I'm very familiar with every one of the movies, games, and the lore.

I'm taking this theory from what I know about Ultimate Spider-Man, some of the comics and the game, as well as the Amazing Spider-Man iPhone game. It could be a bit far-fetched, but, well, hear we go...

The ending of Amazing Spider-Man and the Ultimate Spider-Man game are similar in both camera shots and, if not, concept. You know, the concept about "guy, undetected, walks into a prison and talks with someone important to the rest of the plot."

In the Playstation 2 ending, you see Eddie Brock, Peter Parker's childhood friend, who becomes Venom, walk undetected in to a prison, where he, of course wanting revenge on Trask, kills him.

In the Nintendo DS ending, you get the same thing, except, this time at another shot. This ending is very similar to the shot below (the one from the recent Amazing Spider-Man movie):

The mysterious character says, "Have you told the boy about his father?" Also, just a few seconds after this shot, you see a purple strike of lightning behind the silhouette. Whether this means Electro will be the main villain next time, I'm not sure, but considering the context of the color and the familiarity, it would probably mean something else.

From the evidence shown, this means that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 could have something to do with Carol Brock and Richard Parker's experimentation in symbiotics, aka, the "Black Suit and Venom".

And with the fact the Black Suit is the only unlockable costume in the iPhone game could may as be foreshadowing as it is fan service, but only time can tell now.

Personally, I would like to see a better representation the Black Suit story. One with the dream sequence and all, and the madder descent of Peter as a hero.

But, hey, newer ideas are cool, too. It would confuse viewers not familiar with the comic.

And thanks for reading my first blog, all. Check in for more.