One of my favorite things to do while playing video games is to listen to music. As long as the mic isn't needed or there is a story line. Game like Littlebigplanet 2 how ever have some of the greatest music I have heard in a game and therefore don't need it. But for games like Borderlands or Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer I like to have a good tune to listen to, so I have come up with my top 10 favorite songs to listen to while playing video games


10. While Flag Warrior by Flobots

Yes, the guys who sang 'I can ride my bike with no handle bars' They also sing other things. And this song if just what I need when I'm playing a shooter. I song about...peace. Oh the irony.

9. One Step Closer by Linkin Park

Now I play bass and really don't like this band because they don't have a bassist but the part of this song where it says 'shut up when I'm talking to you' makes me laugh while playing a shooter. Because they can't talk now that I've shot them, now can they?

8. Go-Daddy-O by Big-Bad-Voodoo-Daddy

Man they like their hyphens. A fast pace swing song I enjoy listening to. It gives you that fast pace feeling of a rock song but you don't feel the need you destroy somebody.

7. Animal by Nickelback

This song makes me feel like a ***. And laugh. Nickelback really likes to sing about sex and how awesome they are. It's just funny to listen to. Every time I hear this song it reminds me of Moxxi.Speaking of Moxxi this is a good song to listen while at her underdome.

6. Monster by Skillet

I just flat out love this song! Makes me a monster! My favorite band of all times and it's one of those songs that if you don't mind headbanging while shooting someones guts out this is the song for you.

5. Bewitched by Frank Sinatra

There is one game where I listen to this song because I just think it fits the mood...wait for it...just a little bit're probably pissed now...Bioshock. The slow feel of it gets my reflex's relaxed so when a splice jumps in my face I jump. Good times, good times.

4. Scream by Thousand Foot Krutch (with a k)

I love this song for just when they scream...scream. I love the bass kick constantly going and I use this song for when I'm want my adrenaline flowing during a twitch reflex kinda game.

3. Ants Marching by Dave Matthews Band

A little softer then others but still an amazing song. I like using this for games like Borderlands where there's a lot of moving from point to point. I also like listening to Dave Matthews band while playing Assassin's Creed.

2. Eruption by VanHalen

I mean come on the name is ERUPTION!!!!!!! Great name alone without even the song. The intricate guitar solo and drumming makes a good loud 'I'm gonna shoot the *** out of you' kinda experience. It's always good for hard core shooters. Gets your blood running and a good beat to keep to.

1. Gameinformer Podcast

Every time I listen to these I love to pop open a game of Angry Birds or Tetris. Not anything really like the other songs (Or actually a song at all) but it's just something that's great to listen to while playing some not so hardcore games.

So thanks for reading and I appreciate all comments. And put what songs you like to listen to you while playing video games below!