I don't know if there are spoilers in here. If there are suck it up and read it, or move on.

Anyways while playing the Assassin's Creed Brotherhood I started to come up with a long list of things I did and didn't like about; things that Ubisoft should've been able to fix and things they striked perfectly well on. But I found that my list of stuff they needed to fix became a bad habit. Everytime I saw it groaned or yelled at Ezio so here's my do's and do not's  of Assassin's Creed III:


Show the blade going into somebodies face, when it is suppose to go into somebodies face. I noticed this with the last two as well. When I use my hidden blade it usually will be a foot or two above them and still kill them. It killed me.

Keep the "I can go out of the Antimus whenever I want to". I liked this part of the game. Instead of playing, getting to a good part and then being kicked off I could just wait till I was done, get out of the Antimus, check the emails on the computer and then turn it off. It made thins a lot easier and it made me feel that I was playing as Ezio, not Desmond like the past two games have.

EXTRAS EXTRAS! Loved all of the stuff you can do that is unimportant. I love being able to randomly chase down people or fix buildings. It gives me more to do. Makes the game indepth and to top it all off. Means when I'm' done with the story I can still work. Also it meant when I didn't want to fallow the storyline I didn't have to.

Make the storyline straight forwards. I felt there were a lot of awkward moments in the story. I'm going to kill him, now I'm not. I need your advice....oh wait the French are attacking. 

Make the storyline missions diverse. This was my biggest upset. The whole game was three of two: Follow, kill one person, kill a million people and THEN kill one person. 

Keep the brotherhood. I love how when you're in a pickle and then you whistle and your Assassins come riding on horses slicing your foes heads off. It's a time and life save. 

Keep the alternate endings to kills. I'm not sure if this is true...BUT, I was doing the last Romulus Castle and started to kick the guy up against the railing. Just for the heck of it, I picked him up and threw him off the railing. Ezio grabs the necklace with the key and the man say "Thanks God! You saved me!" And then Enzio says some weird thing rips the necklace and watches the man fall to his dead. I think I got this simply because I threw him off. I don't know if it was a 100% sync thing but if I get a laugh because I'm creative so be it.



Leave unimportant characters out of the storyline. I felt that his sister the red head chick had no point in the story. He sleeps with her at the beginning and then she just leaves him. It doesn't affect him or the story in anyway. Also the sister doesn't do much. She's happy to see Ezio, and then for some reason pissed. She turns to an Assassin now everything is hunky dory...NO!

Don't make me run half a mile to just build a shop. There needs to be a central architect that builds the buildings without you having to walk to their door. I don't like running halfway across town just so I can build something. 

Make poor beggers. They're annoying. Enough said.

Have quests. Please please please the annoying quests need to be forbidden! I only completed one and the rest are ridiculous. I've gone to almost every freakin treasure chest and if I see one more Tomato I'm gonna puke. I have like 10! I feel like it's just something to bother you with. And I'd like more quills.

You have anything you would like in the next one? Put them down here? Disagree with what I said? Tell me.