Welcome to the second edition of the Conversations series! The positive feedback of the first one was much appreciated, and has influenced me to make this a quarterly series plus GOTY and any significant events. This one might be longer than the previous one. Let's get to it!

Jackson Stone: We're back! I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss you guys over our longer than intended hiatus.

Jaded Jackson: Yeah, I missed this as well.

Stubborn Stone: I enjoy talking.

JJ: Wait. Actually I didn't miss this at all.

JS: Now that we're all reacquainted, let's get into this! What a weird winter, right?

JJ: Nothing too out of the ordinary. We got a few Polar Vortexes here and there.

SS: It snowed. And it was pretty cold. I like summer better.

JS: The Northeast was very reminiscent of Westeros this year. 

JJ: That is truly one of my favorite book series. Which is saying something.

SS: I saw an episode of the show once. It didn't have enough violence or sex for my tastes.

JJ: Your tastes are disgusting.

JS: The new season starts April 6th on HBO.

JJ: Oh? So now we're doing shameless plugs for HBO?

JS: I just thought the readers might want to-

JJ: Is nothing sacred anymore! First Oculus gets bought, now the realm of free speech is invaded by big corporations. What next, our eyeglasses!

SS: Google Glass is looking pretty cool.

JJ: Curse you big corporations!

JS: Speaking of big corporations-

SS: Nice segway.

JS: Have you guys gone next-gen yet?

JJ: I bought a PS4.

JS: As opposed to asking why you bought it, I want to know why you didn't buy the Xbox One.

JJ: Because Microsoft is just another big corporation wanting to take people's money. That's why.

JS: You do know that Sony is a big corporation, and every company's goal is take people's money. Right?

JJ: Yes, but Microsoft is evil.

JS: You know, I never thought of it like that. What about you Stone?

SS: I bought an Xbox One for Titanfall.

JS: How's that treating you?

SS: The only thing that could make it better would be if it came with a cup-holder to hold my Monster. I need a Monster for my all-night "sessions."

JJ: I'm sorry, what are we talking about?

SS: I'm trying to get my K/D ratio above 6:1. 

JS: I really don't know how to feel about what you just said. 

JJ: You should feel ashamed that he calls himself a "hardcore" gamer.

SS: What is a "hardcore" gamer?

JS: Let's not even get into this. What games have you been playing Jackson?

JJ: Well you may have heard of this little game called Dark Souls II.

JS: I have! I've always been interested in the series, just never had the time to play try one out. It looks fantastic though.

SS: I tried the first Dark Souls at a friend's house. It was too hard for me.

JJ: That's because you are weak in spirit. You actually need skill as opposed to the brainless gameplay of your preference.

SS: But it was soooooo hard! I couldn't beat the Asylum Demon, and that's the first boss!

JS: How are you liking the game so far Jackson?

JJ: It's magnificent. The first time I realized I had incorrectly distributed my souls when levelling by putting them into ADP instead of VIT or STA and failed to do anything to increase my ATK DMG was a great learning moment for the game. That in conjunction with my ignorance of what to do with the Petrified Something led to me restarting the game.

JS: That...sounds...fun?

SS: Yeah, is the game actually fun or do you just get a masochistic pleasure from it?

JJ: The amount of satisfaction of reducing my staggered frames and increasing my invincible frames so I can defeat Freja in less time than usual is unparalleled.

JS: I...bet? What'd you play Stone?

SS: I played a lot of Titanfall, which is doesn't have VIT, whatever that stands for.

JJ: It stands for health you idiot.

SS: I stand corrected. Titanfall does have VIT. But it's a lot of fun for me to get together with some bros and have a good time blowing up robots. I also played some of that South Park game.

JJ: South Park is for morons.

JS: South Park is timeless and hilarious. How's that?

SS: It's a lot of fun, and really funny. That's about all I played though, nothing else that matters came out really.

JS: That's not true, but for the sake of getting you two away from each other as fast as possible, I'm gonna say that we're all done here. Thanks guys, see you in June!

JJ: Yeah, I should get going. I'm almost done with my third speedrun of of the Undead Crypt. 

SS: I have another "all-nighter" tonight so I should go and take a nap.

JS: See you guys later.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this one as much as my last, and I hope you are excited for the future of this series.