Hello readers! I'm hoping that maybe I could start a new blog series in which I use my GIO persona to examine two opposite gamers' thoughts on topics. Jaded Jackson is the PC elitist whom only bothers to pay attention to indie games while Stubborn Stone is what you may call...the Call of Duty player. They are both extremely exaggerated characters who don't represent any one person. This blog is meant to entertain, and not to step on anyone's opinions or stances. Let's begin!

Jackson Stone: Hello! I'm glad I could get you two to talk with me about some stuff.

Jaded Jackson: What kind of stuff?

Stubborn Stone: How long's this gonna take?

JS: Don't worry Stone, it'll only take a couple minutes. Anyway, you guys know the PS4 and Xbox One are out in a couple of days, right?

JJ: Yeah, I don't really care though.

JS: I expected nothing less. Well what next-gen console are you two going to get first?

JJ: I already have one. The Wii U.

JS: I said next-gen.

JJ: Well if that's how you're going to be, I'd say I still have one.

JS: Oh yeah? Enlighten me.

JJ: The Ouya.

JS: Oh God...

JJ: I am not exaggerating when I say that The Amazing Frog is one of the deepest emotional connections I've had with a game in a long time.

JS: I regret bringing you here.

JJ: Where else but the Ouya can I get emulators for all the systems worth buying?

JS: I assure you there are other ways. Besides, are you implying that the Ps3 and 360 aren't worth buying?

JJ: Let's just say the console I've spent the most time with this generation has been my Dreamcast.

SS: I'm sorry, but I have no idea what you guys are talking about.

JS: I think it's better that you just don't bother at this point Stone. Jackson, you admit to having spent over 100 hours in Terraria on PC just this past month. Are you saying that you've played your Dreamcast more than at least 100 hours?

JJ: I don't consider my PC a console.

JS: What is it then?

JJ: It's an experience generator.

JS: You could say that about literally anything.

SS: I use my PC for work and porn.

JS: Thanks for your contribution Stone.

SS: Anytime.

JS: So anyway, Jackson, could you please answer the question.

JJ: Well if I had to choose any, I would say the PS4.

JS: Could you explain why?

JJ: Well, I'm actually looking forward to one of the console exclusives.

JS: *gasp* What??? Please tell us!

JJ: Octodad: Dadliest Catch is looking pretty rad.

JS: Yeah it is! (I'm not gonna tell him it'll be on PC). Any other reasons?

JJ: No, not really. I won't use the live-streaming functionality because, frankly, everyone is doing it already. I could care less about Killzone: Shadow Fall. But I am pretty optimistic about the heavy indie support. I believe indie games are where the real innovation is happening right now in the industry.

JS: Would you consider yourself an indie gamer? Because the Xbox One is also touting an increased indie support.

JJ: I would classify myself as an indie gamer, and I will only be on the Xbox train when they bring back Kameo.

JS: I'm guessing that's the best answer I could have hoped of getting out of you. What about you Stone?

SS: What was the question again?

JS: What next-gen console are you going to buy first?

SS: Hmmm...Which one has Call of Duty?

JS: They both do.

SS: What about Assassin's Creed?

JS: They both do.

SS: I saw some commercials for a new Battlefield.  Which console is that on?

JS: Both of them.

SS: I like to play those LEGO games with my kids. Which console is that on?

JJ: You play, literally, the worst games ever.

JS: Whoa Jackson! Let's not get like that.

JJ: It's true. When was the last time any of those games did something different?

JS: They may not innovate as much in recent years, but that doesn't mean they're any less of a well made product. If Stone doesn't want to play your experimental indie games, that doesn't mean you have any better taste than him. It just means you have different tastes.

SS: What about the new Batman game? I loved the previous two, so if that's exclusive, I'll probably go for whatever that's on.

JS: Well as a matter of fact, it's only on current gen systems.

SS: In that case, I'll probably stick with my 360 until my friends transfer over to whatever they buy.

JS: Right now, that seems like the only safe option.

SS: But in the future I'll probably go for the Xbox One.

JS: Could you explain?

SS: I loved the 360, and it seems like I'm the only one who likes the increased support for more of the entertainment content that Microsoft made a big deal about at the reveal event. Also, I like Microsoft's online system better than Sony's, so unless Sony really knocks PSN out of the park, I'll stick with the Xbox.

JS: That is a very legitimate reason. Any last thought?

JJ: Yeah. I have one-

JS: No last thoughts? Great! Thanks for talking with me. I hope we can do this again sometime.

                What did you think? Do you want to see me talk to opposite ends of the gamer spectrum again? Any suggestions for future conversations? Leave a comment!