Here's something that's never been said about a video game movie: It was better than the game. And it's honestly fine if a movie isn't as good as the source material, but video game movies have a notorious reputation among consumers. So, without further ado, here are some people I think could make some really great video game movies.

Neill Blomkamp - Half Life

District 9 is a f***ing awesome movie, and Half Life is a f***ing awesome game series, so combining the two would hopefully be a match made in heaven. Blomkamp isn't exactly a household name, as District 9 was his first movie, but thus far he has nailed the gritty sci-fi feel that the Half Life games also utilize. Previously for a Half Life movie slot I was thinking Guillermo del Toro would fit, so I'd like to see in the comments what you'd think of that.

Paul Greengrass - Metal Gear Solid

Now I know what you're thinking: "But Mr. Stone, I don't really know who this fella is!" First of all, it's Dr. Stone to you, second of all, he's made the first two Bourne movies, and has a movie about the Somalian pirate hostage situation coming out this year. With the Bourne movies, he was able to make a great action film, and I believe he could successfully get the correct cocktail going for a Metal Gear Solid movie.

Ridley Scott - Metroid

While I personally don't believe this is his best film (I'm a Blade Runner man myself), Alien is nonetheless a fantastic movie. If Nintendo was willing to give off this license for a movie, Ridley Scott would be the best choice because when it comes down to it, Metroid is a game about isolation and fighting an alien menace, and Alien is possibly the best movie that is able to nail that tone.

Studio Ghibli - ICO

Studio Ghibli occupies a special place amongst animated movie studios, in that it is able to bring these strange and unique concepts and make them appeal to the kid in all of us. ICO is about a young boy helping a young girl escape from a castle while fighting shadow monsters. It could be perfectly translated into an animated movie, and Studio Ghibli would be the studio for the job.

Pixar - Portal

Portal would be a tough movie to film, so animation would be a nice route to go for the property. Who better to do an animated movie that appeals to all different age groups like Portal than Pixar? It would include the quirky and kid friendly elements seen in their other movies, but would also tell a compelling story throughout.


Any ideas for who would make a great video game movie? Sound off in the comments! Thanks for reading!