Sharknado is the greatest shark based Syfy original movie I have ever seen. And I've seen Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus. It's the most ridiculous f***ing thing I've ever witnessed, and it's also a horribly made movie. It's concept is just ridiculous on a basic level that a chimpanzee would find fault in it, but it's also a wonderfully cheesy adventure that embraces these gaping wounds in the premise. If you would consider yourself above watching a movie like this, I feel bad for you, because you are missing out on something special.

In case you're not familiar with Sharknado, it's a movie about a tornado that apparently has a million sharks in it and is going through LA. How did this happen, you ask? A hurricane brought a million sharks up near the California coast, which actually sounds perfectly logical, except for the fact that hurricanes don't appear on the west coast! But then tornadoes spontaneously start up in the city and fling sharks precisely on top of people. That's literally all you need to know about this movie before watching it.

For the next hour and a half, there'll be awful shark puns, overtly offensive Australian accents, runaway ferris wheels, and chainsawing sharks in half. Also, apparently hurricanes make sharks instantly attack any person that is near them and have the ability to fly. The main character, Fin, is first of all an awful shark pun that runs through the whole movie, and second of all the most badass shark killer ever seen. He doesn't even flinch as a shark jumps twenty feet in the air as he's rappelling off the side of a bridge, or when a lady gets eaten right before his eyes. What does he do? He shoots sharks out of midair and jumps into their mouths with chainsaw running.

I think this image says enough

Make no mistake, this movie isn't a "good" movie, per se. But it has the same appeal as that of a game like Deadly Premonition or Overblood in the sense that it's just so ridiculous and stupid that it must be experienced. The CGI is awful, the script is idiotic, and the acting is as campy as you'll be able to find, but that all lends itself better to the movie. It was made to be laughed with, not compared to other movies, because frankly there is nothing like it. 



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