Now, you read the title, so this is my completely official E3 awards. So, lets begin, shall we? I'm going to start off with some broader awards, and lead in to some bigger awards, so if you want to skip to the bottom, feel free, but just know a curse will come upon your household.

Best Action Game

Watch Dogs came out of nowhere last year and looked pretty awesome, but it completely blew last year out of the water with a new demo, trailer, gameplay elements, and all around cool stuff. The fact that it's coming to next gen consoles gives good reason to believe that the launch window will have at least this game to turn to.

Best RPG

This year Dark Souls II took it for RPG of show, but not without heavy resistance. The Witcher 3 would have probably taken it if it had a demo (if it did, please link it in the comments for me to watch), and the same would have probably gone if Kingdom Hearts III or FF XV had a demo, but Dark Souls II was able to show off new character classes, more gameplay, and more death.

Best Shooter

At Sony's press conference, Bungie showed off the long awaited Destiny, and it did not disappoint me. Looking like a cross of Borderlands, Halo, and an MMO, it appears to be a new breed of shooter coming to next gen consoles, and I can't wait to see what gets shown next.

Best Handheld Game

Now I know I said earlier that the Witcher 3, FFXV, and KHIII trailers weren't enough to beat Dark Souls II, but I think this trailer speaks for itself:

Best Multiplayer

The shining moment of Microsoft's conference was the end gameplay demo of Titanfall. It's a freaking game about dudes in robot suits that shoot each other, and the fact that it's a multiplayer focused game speaks volumes of how good it's really turning out, considering that it has a quality to it that it appears that scripted events take place in a multiplayer match.

Best Wii U Game

A new Mario game is always a big deal, especially a 3D one, and this latest installment is really showing that Nintendo's track record in the 3D space is yet to falter. Introducing a new cat suit (!), 4 player multiplayer, and for the first time on Wii U, I have no doubt that this will be a great installment.

Best PS4 Game

Infamous has had a pretty good track record, and this new installment lends reason to believe that record will continue on the next generation. Sporting a new protagonist, new city, and new powers, it has all the right makings of a proper sequel.

Best Xbox One Game

Titanfall was one of the handful of Xbox One exclusive that really looks worthwhile, and it's already won one of my awards. It's just a shame that I'm most likely not getting an Xbox One (I know, surprising), so I won't be able to play it anytime soon. Well, I'll just watch the demo over and over again.

Best Press Conference

They f***ing did it! Sony put all of our f***ing worries to rest and instantly won the favor of gamers everywhere by announcing used games would not be charged, always online wouldn't happen, and a price point significantly lower than the Xbox One. Sure, they were able to slip in the fact that PS+ would be needed to play online multiplayer, but in the end to pros outweigh the cons. Well done, Sony, the day is yours.

Game of Show

Bungie really went out of their way to make something awesome in Destiny. I know some people were disappointed in it, but I sure wasn't. In a display of seemingly effortlessly combining genres, Destiny looks poised to be able to create a new way to make games.

Hope you enjoyed! Please respect my opinions, comment, and rate if you feel like it.