I love awards shows. I don't know why but they are a serious guilty pleasure for me. Everything from the Grammys to the Emmys, I love watching them. I usually have a horse in the race as to who I want to win, and more often than not, they don't win (Breaking Bad, Frank Ocean, Jack White, etc.). But frankly, I don't care that my pick didn't win, because I love the show so much.

So I'm really excited for the Oscars tonight. I just watched Argo last night, so if it wins Best Picture, I can say that I watched it. That's how extreme I am with these awards.

Yet when it comes to video games, my favorite form of entertainment, I don't care about the awards shows nearly as much as I do with the other forms. Something is missing that makes me care about a few awards instead of the entire show.

The VGA's are a notorious awards show for many reasons. The over focus on celebrities, the lack of focus on the games, every single presenter having to insist that they are a "gamer" when they are obviously not, and so on.

I think that video game awards shows are lacking an element of class that other shows have basically perfected. Games aren't too far behind, but until then, I'd rather watch the Emmys.