2016 was a mind-blowing year in the world of games. VR, massive Kickstarter successes and failures, games that pushed the boundaries of what games can be, 2016 had it all. Jeremy, Daniel, and Jack bring their number one game of the year along with one honorable mention apiece. What games from the past year will be remembered as one of the best games period? 

Also, while we were on our Holiday Break, we were still releasing stuff for your ear holes! You can listen to parts one and two over on the Extra Life community website. The first part focuses on Jeremy and his son talking about the games they both love, while the second part talks about how to get your start podcasting. Good stuff, so check it out!

Each week we will be tackling a video game, old or new, that at least one of us believes deserves to stand as one of the greatest games of all time. We'll dive into its history, development, and gameplay, while trying to argue for or against the game of the week. Sometimes we will be in harmonious agreement, other times we might be fighting a bitter battle to the very end. However each episode shakes out, we hope that everyone who listens will find the show entertaining and informative.

Outro music: Undertale 'Sunny Day Drive' by Just Coffee (http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR03474)

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