To celebrate hitting a huge milestone, the gang welcomes special guest Saint, the prolific yet elusive blogger/ community manager/ game developer.

While blogs announcing our latest podcasts haven't been as timely as we at JIM Show Inc. would have liked, we have actually been hard at work recording new episodes. In fact, we have an three blog-less episodes that are currently available for your listening pleasure via iTunes, various apps, or directly from our hosting site, Libsyn. Normally, when a situation like this occurs, we'd lump all three podcasts into one blog and call it a day. However, we have come to a conundrum of sorts. Namely, two of those three episodes feature special guests and one of them is, in fact, the 100th episode of the JIM Show. In an effort to fully pay tribute to the fact that we have crossed into triple digits and pay respect to our delightful guests, we'll be posting blogs for each episode throughout the week with giveaways and perhaps some other surprises. So, strap yourselves in for a very JIM Show-themed week!

The second episode of JIMS Week is upon us and what an episode it is! We've hit our 100th episode and Game Informer blogger and all around good guy, Saint graciously agreed to come on the show. Fun and questions and confusion abound.

Music this episode is the very cool Sonic CD remix, 'Future Crystalline Luminosity' by the talented remixers Level 99 and ladyWildfire. More great music like this can be found over on (FOR FREE). Head over there and check out a place flowing with musical talent!

As always, you can listen to the podcast right here on the player below or download it from iTunes or Libsyn. We hope you enjoy! (Maybe even subscribe?)

Over the next few days one lucky commenter on either our iTunes page or our Game Informer blog will have a shot at winning Fez on Steam. Get commenting! Also, for you slowpokes out there, If you haven't claimed your game (i.e. added it to your Steam library) within a month or two, it will be given to someone else.