Jeremy, Daniel, and Jack return this week to talk about the Xbox One, however, since they lack both the machine and the expertise, the gang calls upon Game Informer community member and general gaming smart-guy and Xbox One owner, Chris Mrkvicka (pronounced merk-wich-kah). Chris gives his opinions on the lauch line-up and most notable features of the Xbox One, while the rest of the JIMS team farts around talking about PS4 games and older releases. As always, everyone has a pretty great time.

Music this week is the Sonic Boom inspired 'A World in Motion' by the incredibly talented DusK. The track is just a part of the latest OC Remix album, Temporal Duality, based off of the differing soundtracks of the North American and Japanese versions of Sonic CD. The album, as with all remixes that can be found on OC Remix is completely free. More great music like this can be found over on the Head over there and check out a place flowing with musical talent!

As always, you can listen to the podcast right here on the player below or download it from iTunes or Libsyn. We hope you enjoy! (Maybe even subscribe?)

This week we are giving away a copy of FTL: Faster Than Light to someone who leaves us a comment or review on either our new iTunes page or our Game Informer blog. Want to win an incredible Rogue-like? Then get commenting!