After a brief sojourn taken for various reasons, The JIM Show is back with this episode recorded a few weeks back. Jeremy returns to the show and the gang give their thoughts on the Xbox One's release date. How older generations of games hold up to modern games in very general terms is another topic of discussion this week, as well as the controversy surrounding the PAX Dickwolves. There is also prolonged discussion regarding scrotums. You have been warned.

Shout outs shout outs shout outs

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The music which is used to end this week's episode is titled 'Time Traveler's Delight' and was worked on by numerous artists in the OverClocked Remix community, collectively known as OverClocked Assembled. The song is based on a variety of themes from Sonic CD and serves as a preview of an upcoming album based on both the US and Japanese versions of the game. You can find this song, along with tons of other great, free, video game-inspired tracks on!

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