Hello, listeners, Weeeeeee’re baaaaaaaaack! After over a month on hiatus, we’ve returned with a… let’s just call it a “retro” episode of the JIM Show. In this episode we discuss the Super Bowl, Dark Souls, DmC, Ni no Kuni, some Kickstarter projects, and have a lengthy discussion of the (at the time) unannounced next-gen consoles.

We also discuss The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and how to make games more mature instead of immaturely mature. Jeremy goes on a tirade about how Telltale Games. We praise GIO user Enigma for his insightful movie reviews. We also chat about the possibility of a Valve/JJ Abrams team up and how Abrams might not be the right choice to adapt those properties to the big screen.

We’d also like to take the opportunity to apologize for disappearing. Our previous hosting site suddenly started uploading only a portion of our episodes, cutting out anywhere between 15-30 minutes of dialogue. Knowing this was unacceptable, we started looking for a new place to host our podcast and we eventually found Libsyn.com. It isn’t the prettiest website around, but it works, and that is what counts. In the coming weeks we’ll be playing some catch up with older episode that we have been recording since we started looking for a new hosting site.

You can listen to our podcast below or download it through Libsyn. Note: If you want to listen to our show sooner rather than later, be sure to subscribe our Libsyn rss feed, as our shows go up there first before making it to the blogging section of Game Informer.

Time for the Indie and Mojo Show… Shout outs shout outs shout outs

The Story of Griffball – Cameron Koch

SNES Timeline – Part 8: A Couple Monster Hunters You May Have Heard of – Kinsey

Why You Should Always Read Multiple Reviews – Ashaman3000

Custom Painted SNES Part 1: The Idea - born4this & Warbuff

The music this week is brought to you by Dr. Manhattan, who remixed the song Mr. Pink Poncho’s Western Rock Band from various themes in the game Sunset Riders. You can listen to it and download it for free over on OCRemix.org.

You stay classy Game Informer.

Thanks for stopping by!

I love… being back with you guys.

The JACKED UP Indie & Mojo Show should be back on track to being posted (almost) every Tuesday.