Welcome marines, mariners, and Martians to another rambunctious episode of the JACKED UP Indie and Mojo Show! This week we are happy to have community guest DJH on the show to take my absent place (my microphone woes continue). Listen to the gang discuss Halo 4’s Spartan ops, the Lego Lord of the Rings recall, the rising costs of next-gen development, the impending apocalypse, and much more!

Other topics include, but are not limited to; Assassin’s Creed III, Curt Schilling and the collapse of 38 Studios, and Skyfall (WITH CG DRAGONS!!?!1).

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(Note: Don’t listen to the slanderous accusations at the end of the episode that are aimed at my character. I also don’t approve of Daniel’s quoting of Titanic lines.) >:C

Now it is time for the traditional and monumental Indie and Mojo Show shout outs shout outs shout outs

Grand Theft Auto V: Wasted Potential – Ace13

When All Else Fails – AshaMan3000

Assassin’s Creed III: God Bless America – footthumb

Also, the Assassin’s Creed Group, kudos to you guys for keeping that group so active.

PSA from the Mojomonkey: Don’t be rude to other GIO members. Mojo will find you (HE IS WATCHING).

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