Hello zombies, ganados and j’avos. We here at The JACKED UP Indie & Mojo Show have a very special episode for you this week. Game Informer editor and resident Resident Evil expert, Tim Turi joins us to talk everything Resident Evil from the very first game with its bad live-action cutscenes and tank controls to the controversy surrounding the critical reception to Resident Evil 6.

Tim schools us all on the history of the franchise and explains why he liked the new entry more than most other critics. We also talk about the Extra-Life marathon (which you can still donate to, by the way) since this episode was recorded prior to the event this past Saturday. If you were a part of the marathon then you know how much Tim’s involvement helped boost our fund-raising capacity. So we wanted to thank Tim for taking the time to participate this year.

We skipped shout-outs for this episode because it was recorded just a day after our Walt Williams episode and because we wanted to keep this episode focused solely on Capcom’s horror franchise. But don’t worry, shout-outs will return next week.

As always, you can find the show on iTunes or on our PodOmatic page but of course you can always listen to it right here.

This week’s music is “Barton Hollow” by The Civil Wars. If you like their sound, support them by visiting their website.