This is the seventh entry in the Casting the Games series.

We will be focusing on none other than HuskyStarcraft, perhaps better known as just Husky, a professional Starcraft commentator with almost 15 years of Starcraft experience under his belt. His beginnings were rather humble. As a young lad, he was introduced to the original Starcraft at age 10. His love for the game was quickly rooted and he began playing. He played steadily for about 12 years and accumulated thousands of matches’ worth of experience. When he was about 22 years old, he discovered the Korean E-Sports broadcasting site that streamed the games played by the best of the best players in the world. GOMTV inspired him to start casting on his own and he set up a youtube account and began casting the Brood War expansion of the original Starcraft.

Transitioning from merely a player to a caster proved to be a very good decision in Husky’s case. His rise to prominence in the casting scene was incredibly fast, gaining attention from top tier casters and pros, as well as more casual players. His youtube channel boasts an impressive half million subscribers and almost a quarter of a billion upload views…. Now, I am not really great with numbers… but that is A LOT. A LOT A LOT. If every upload view was one second, it would take almost 8 years for them to reach the number they are now. Crazy, huh?

Husky focuses completely on Starcraft II these days. He is constantly trying to get E-Sports to reach a wider audience and does what he can to promote what he does and what he loves. When he is not hosting tournaments like the recent GeForce PRO AM tournament, he is casting smaller shindigs, uploading casting videos on youtube, or making great comedic shorts or song parodies. Wait, what was that last part? That’s right, Husky is not afraid to put himself out there and be ridiculous in the name of Starcraft, humor, and awesomeness. He has a series of video called NERD ALERT and he and a couple friends of his put together some surprisingly well done song parodies and a few original songs that relate to Starcraft. See examples below:

Heck, he even stars in animated shorts:

And, as you might imagine from how quickly he attracted attention as a caster, he is both fun to listen to and good at predicting what moves players are going to do and educating viewers while simultaneously entertaining them, which is something that is very important for a Starcraft caster. Most people who have never been exposed to Starcraft would have no idea what is going on just watching a game casted like it was a football or baseball game (in which rules are rarely explained), and they would have an even tougher time watching a completely uncasted game.

Final word: Husky is incredibly fun to watch and is probably one of my favorite casters out there, besides Day[9]. Watch his parodies, watch his casting, and fall in love with watching E-Sports. You should watch him, or you... just... might... be... a...

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