This is the second posting for my Casting the Games series and this time we will be focusing on the power duo of The Yogscast.

Simon and Lewis are a pair of British men who work together to produce a popular podcast called The Yogpod which made its debut on February 2, 2009 with the episode entitled ‘Snowcast’. The odd name “Yogpod” came from a conversation that was uploaded to Youtube between Simon and Lewis called ‘Now Available... The YOGSCAST Podcast’. Hence the name was born. The podcast is a spin-off of their videos from The Yogcast, their website. Occasionally they are joined by other people in their videos and on the podcast including a woman named Hannah and a mysterious figure called Totalbiscuit, who will be talked about in a future post.



The duo got their start by creating How To guides for World of Warcraft that had almost nothing to do with World of Warcraft and more followed Simon and Lewis’ conversations and exploits through the lands of Azeroth. They developed a following through these videos and podcasts and improved their show with the release of the beta of the Cataclysm expansion and beyond to encompass actual advice while maintaining their quirky antics and jokes. Their popularity continued to grow.

Then something incredible happened: The game Minecraft was released.

With the advent of Minecraft Simon and Lewis hopped on board and began doing what they do best: being silly and entertaining. In Minecraft, they go by the names Xephos (Lewis) and Honeydew (Simon). From the beginning they decided to make their videos in Minecraft to have more structure than in previous videos. Their Minecraft series features Simon and Lewis struggling to survive in the land of Minecraftia while a mysterious figure known as Israphel lurks in the shadows concocting some nefarious plot. They also take numerous detours to play through custom maps/adventures. In addition to all the silliness they take the time to talk about the updates that the game’s maker, Notch, periodically adds to the game, keeping watchers on top of the latest MInecraft news.

The Minecraft series has proven to be very popular, but they still manage to branch out into new games on occasion and revisit World of Warcraft. Recently they have played Final Fantasy XIV, Rift, Magicka (played with Totalbiscuit), and Fallout (played by Hannah), among others, but for the most part they stick with WoW and Minecraft.

Here are a few examples of their work for your introduction/viewing pleasure:

They are truly a pleasure to watch and I hope that you will check them out.

Here is a link to their podcast.

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