While there are a lot of awesome games making their way into the Next-Gen era, there are always those ones that peak almost everyone's interest but not others. I've already made my list of games to watch long ago and it has been changing since. With this year coming to a close and the new systems out soon I think I am confident in what my priority games will be for next year.


Somehow I don't think a shield will prepare you for a charge from a Minotaur...Luckily its caged up...for now...

5. Hellraid-X360, Ps3, PC-Techland Studios


A first person dungeon crawl RPG from the makers of the Dead Island franchise. Originally, it was slated to be apart of Riptide but was taken out because they believed it had the potential to be a stand alone game of its own, and what a game it looks to be! Ive been monitoring this game for a while since it called Project Hell back in April. The game was originally slated to be released this year but now has been pushed back to 2014. Why? Because the developers know what they are doing and listen to the community. The developers of Hellraid frequently look at their blog and Facebook page to see what their onlookers are saying. Along with their own original ideas they also add most of the ideas each of its fans contribute. For this reason the hard workers at Techland busy creating Hellraid have decided to push it back to work out all the additions, polish, and kinks to release a ready game that meets and exceeds all their expectations.
And whats so great about Hellraid? Well you can find out all you need about it on their website but a short summary would be it's a 1st person RPG where you take on the role of a Paladin, Mage, Barbarian or Rogue. It even has this "Game Master" feature that if works as well as they say will only enhance the experience. If this interests you so far I recommend checking out the game and prepare to raid Hell.

For the love of all that is good what were those thing scaling the building in the fog?! Werewolves??)

4. The Order: 1886-Ps4-Ready at Dawn Studios


Not much is known about it as of yet except that it has been in development for some time, it's a 3rd person game, it's not exactly steampunk but an alternate universe,and the trailer for it at E3 was phenomenal! If the game looks anything like the screenshots we are in for a treat.


PAD on the 3DS?! 'Nuff Said

3. Puzzle and Dragons Z-3DS-Gungho

December 12, 2013 (Japan)-N/A (Everywhere else but speculated 2014 Q2)

This is a game device version of a widely popular App game known simply as Puzzle & Dragons (or PAD for short). The 1st time I played this game was Dec. 30, 2012 right after I read an article by Jeff Cork (so I have you to thank for this Jeff). The game is a perfect combination of Pokemon and Bejeweled and a Free-to-Play game but by all means do they not force you to pay for Magic Stones in this game. They had out free magic stones practically every two weeks along with a bunch of awesome time limited events for a chance to snag some power houses. The reason I love this game so much is because unlike most games, this game is unique because it feels like a brand new game with every event and the fun never stops. Since Dec of last year I have played this game EVERY single day (no exaggeration) and not missed one yet except for one day when my phone broke. Sure there are some frustrating moments but what game doesn't have its angst? There are moments when your stones in the Rare Egg Machine are wasted, when you don't get the monster drop you want, when something goes horribly array, but this game is all about luck and strategy. I highly recommend checking it out.
As for PAD Z, its 3DS counterpart it is exactly the same, ALMOST, but with a lot of new features. For example, 80% of the monsters in this game are brand new to the series, it has walk around areas, dialogue, all of its monster sprites have animations, and a new "Z" system. PAD is one of the most popular things happening in Japan and growing rapidly everywhere else. Its already a giant in the App market and has been in the top spot numerous times (they even do collaborations with some other popular game like Clash of Clan and the recent Batman-that's right the game had Batman characters as monsters in the game to catch.) If you haven't heard or played this game before I recommend downloading it on your phone, it is free after all. Then decide if you want to be on the lookout for PAD Z.

Such badassery!! Ive already decided to be an Exo Hunter

2. Destiny-X360, X1, Ps3, Ps4-Bungie

Q1 2014-Beta

Q2 2014-Estimated Release Date

Do I really need to explain this one??


What power should I use next?

1. inFamous Second Son-Ps4-Sucker Punch Productions

February 25, 2014

The powers are back, but this time in the hands of a new hero!! I bought inFamous 2 and the same day downloaded the 1st one because it was free for Playstation Plus members for a limited time...the rest is history. There are few games where the genre is superhero nowadays. The story of Cole was epicly heartwarming and a very tragic end to a great person. The fact that Sucker Punch decided to continue the tale through the eyes of another is a grand wish come true for me. I'm waiting on bated breath for this game. Delsin is a rebellious street punch that pulls no punches and loves to flash about his powers. What the best part of this game? The fact that Delsin Rowe is so Megaman-like. You know what I'm talking about right? How every Megaman protagonist was able to capture the abilities of the boss it defeated? Well that's Delsins power. His power isn't fire, nor is it smoke, or flashy lightshows. He captures the powers of other Conduits. Whether they have to be defeated, willing to give him the power, or otherwise is not yet known. What is known is that other Conduits and DUP better beware. And all I know is that I cannot wait to play this streetwise punk and gain as many other Conduit powers as possible.

And that's it for my list so far....oh wait here's one thing that was in my top 5 and is still highly anticipated but certain speculations caused it to fall to #6.

Are the Super Vampire from Blade 2 here because they think its safe from the Daywalker?

Bonus: Dying Light-X360, X1, Ps3, Ps4, PC-Techland


I'm still anxiously awaiting this game, but the only thing that had shied it off the top spot is the fact that I don't really know how the area is mapped out. Is it sandbox? Linear? The game seems like it will have a big area mapped out but the gameplay video they released made everything look so packed together. But with the games setting it makes since and parkour style maneuvering it makes sense. All I know if this game really is a Zombie version of Far Cry 3, I.am.SOLD.