So picking up where I left off it's time to move on a little more forward and face Bianca so we can start the next Route. Let's begin! :D

First I'm going to go talk to the guy in Studio to see if he does a pokemon a day. Yep it's a new one a day today he wanted a normal type and I showed him Tabunne. I got a Cheri Berry for the fun of it. So I guess that's a neat way of getting free berries.

Well once you get rid of Bianca going on to Route 4 is a little different. Dark sand (it's hard to tell the difference between the light and dark sand though) is the equivalent of grass now. Be warned during battle the sand storm weather condition will hurt your pokemon slightly.

Ok you can find a X Accuracy in the left hand up corner of the first sand section on the left side of the road/path. Oh there is a hidden item Pearl found to the left down the stairs and follow the arrows.

Zebraika at level 22 can learn Pursuit. I had him forget how to Charge and learn it.

I caught a level 16 Scraggy on Route 4 with a Quick Ball. It evolves into Scrafty so it's nickname is Zuruzukin which is Japanese for Scrafty. It's starting moves are Sand-Attack, Headbutt (headbutts the target), Faint Attack (thows a sucker punch at the target and always hits), and Swagger (enrages and confuses the target, but also raises the target's attack stat sharply).

If you go forward down the path a little you can battle Cheren. Let me tell you the sandstorm can make the battle harder than necessary.

Hahakomori at level 22 can learn Struggle Bug. I chose to just not learn that.

After the battle Professor Juniper tells you to meet here at Nimbasa City which is straight ahead. Ok back to exploring. On the left above the stairs to the left is an item, it's a Great Ball. To the right of there I followed the arrows and found the hidden item Ultra Ball. Go up and to the right to get a Hyper Potion. I found a hidden item Burn Heal and a hidden item Ether as I continued up the left side. If you follow the left side the end of it there is a TM Torment item there.

Zurzukin at level 20 can learn Brick Break, which is where the user swiftly does a chop on the target and this move can break any barrier such as Light Screen and Reflect. I had him learn it and forget how to Sand-Attack.

That's all for today more next time where we will continue running around and keep trying to catch a sandile (I keep overkilling it on accident lol).