Ok picking up where we left off I went to the top floor which is floor 55 I do believe.

Go straight down to pick up an item right away which is a Hyper Potion. Ok after you beat the guy in the upper right hand corner, who is a chairman dressed as a janitor..., you get a Exp. Share. Yay I can raise weak pokemon without risk of them being hurt! :D That will be a helpful hold item in the future (I don't feel it cheats because pokemon like Lepardas have problems until they learn a useful attack move). Now it's time to leave the building and go back to walking out this huge town.

Once you find Passersby HQ, which I find hilarious by the way, talk to the guy in a lab coat in the center of the room to be appointed a statistician which allows you to gather answers to surveys by passing by people. The woman on the left will give you 9 questionnaires, I'm doing them all consecutively. Each time you complete one it gets added to your survey radar. After they are all done you get a Soda Pop. Go talk to the lady on the right and get a Poke ball.

The second dock in the city has a cruise liner on it that I have a feeling I'll be using later since if you talk to the person there they claim it's being bettered for the best pokemon trainers. Alright on Castelia Street the first building on the left that is right above the vending machine on the11th floor go down and talk to the guy furthest back in order to get the TM for Rest which is a move that allows the pokemon to take a turn to sleep and regain HP. I'm not teaching my pokemon that move since I don't want to waste berries waking up my pokemon.

ok if you go to the studio off mode street talk to the person in the bottom right corner and show them an electric type. I showed off shimama. Afterwards you can choose any berry to have from the following list: Cheri, Chesto, Pecha, Rawst, or Aspear. I chose Aspear randomly because I don't really care for any of those berry choices. There is a casteliacones place that isn't open during winter (which it still is in game...) and the person with the berry thing told me to talk to him again tomorrow. Hopefully I'll remember and share what happens.

Well I got Baokkie out of the box and used the Fire Stone on him to evolve him into a Simisear, which I was too lazy to do yesterday. Alright there are dancers in the city to talk to and battle in order to gather them together.

Hahakomori at level 21 evolved into a Leavanny.

Down the next street over from Mode street go in the cafe and talk to the guy behind the bar to get a Lemonaide for free. Go a little more down the street to be scared by a dude talking about sunglasses who gives you the TM Flash randomly. Now it's time to go to the gym only to find out before you can battle for the badge Team Plasma has showed up and it's time to stop them again. Off to Prime Pier, then back a little past the gym what was an empty house is where they are.

After all the excitement and long story blah blahs you get a Yache Berry from Iris. There is also an item in the room now which happens to be a Smoke Ball hold item which I'm not having any pokemon hold it (seems like it cheats). Now I can face the pokemon gym, bug type speciality.

As usual enter in talk to old guy and get Fresh Water. Already this gym is mean to the player since you have to go through a maze and push certain walls in order to open new paths. There are switches to press and fake switches that have the clown looking guys to battle. Beware the Dwebble pokemon that at least one trainer has it is weak to rock and Baokkie can fall to it's rock attack (yep it uses rocks but is weak to rocks).

Oh and the move-through-able walls are annoying because you to be right in the middle of the wall to walk forward and through it. The reason behind all of it is that the gym is suppose to be like a honey comb/bee colony where the gym leader Burgh is the guy version of a queen bee....Also I hate that he uses Hyper Potion.

Kenhallow at level 21 evolves into a Tranquill.

After beating weird man you get a Insect Badge which makes pokemon up to level 40 obey you. You also get the TM Struggle Bug which is the user damages the target and lowers the targets Special Attack by resisting the opposing/target pokemon. I'm not teaching that bug type move to my pokemon. I then heal my pokemon and change up my team ready to go do a battle with Bianca (she calls you and tells you to meet her for a battle) at the gates to Route 4.

First though I need to finish checking everywhere for dancers I might have missed. I'll not say where they are because finding them is sorta fun. :) After you fight all three go back and talk to the first one to get a Amulet Coin. I will mention the first one is found in the centeral plaza. I'm not going to bother with the hold item though.

Before I leave though there are three places left to explore on the path to route 4 that leads to the Route 4 gate. The building on the left has the name changer in there. He is on the bottom floor on the right and is an old guy. Time to make shimama the correct name of Zebraika! :D Done and it's free yippee! :D Go up the next floor and talk to the guy on the right in a lab coat who asks for a password. I'm not sure how you are suppose to get it but I looked it up it is: Everyone Happy. Then he asks for more: Simple Connection. This gives you access to the Relocator.

This allows you to get special pokemon or items via the main menu using he button Relocator. It will launch DS Wireless communications which will allow stuff from a copy of any of the following pokemon games to be transferred by putting the game in another DS system and turning it on and following instructions: Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver. I don't own those games so I miss out. If I ever get them I'll do a video on it on my side channel on youtube.

Go the first building on the right and go up the elevator to the I think it said it's the 44th floor. Not sure what exactly the requirements are to be allowed on there because they guy said I had nothing suspicious but whatever. Talk to the girl towards the middle of the room to get the TM Attract. I'm not teaching it to my pokemon. Go the next building and if you have enough pokedex entries (I've encountered 41 pokemon) you'll get a Eviolite. I'm not giving it to any of my pokemon to hold though.

That's all for today I'll face Biana next time and start one Route 4. Thanks for reading hope you are enjoying the journey so far! :D