Ok continuing our running around the Pinwheel forest straight back behind the nurse you eventually run into a huge looking puddle well at it's upper right hand corner is a item. The item is a Antidote! :D Then go straight back and to the left all the way and there is an item right over there. That item is a Super Potion.

After some running around I finally encountered a Tympole and caught it with a Heal Ball at level 12. Tympole has two evolutions it first evolves into Palpitoad then into Seismitoad so it's nickname is Gamageroge which is Japanese for Seismitoad. It's starting moves are:Growl, SuperSonic (it creates sound waves that may confuse the target pokemon), Round (attacks the target with a song and if other join in the attack can do greater damage [great for double and triple battles]), and BubbleBeam (sprays bubbles with force at the opposing team [basically can hit multiple pokemon at once] and might lower their speed stat).

Ok to if you go to the right once you get to the big puddle and go up the stairs you can go up to a huge rock. That is the challenge rock. In order to get a Star Piece from it act like your going to talk to it while having a fighting type pokemon in your group. I had Dotekkotsu hit it. Continue down the other stairs and there is an item which happens to be a Net Ball.

Now that Dotekkotsu is level 15 it's time to finish the gym then go back to leveling up the other pokemon and guess what battling the gym is much easier now! :D

At level 16 Dotekkotsu can learn Rock Throw which is where it picks up a small rock and throws it at the target, it's a rock type move. I chose to learn it and forget how to Bide.

Let me just tell you now the book run around is rather aggravating for this gym, it sends you in circles. I gain access to the last book and through it gain access to where Lenora is hidden. However before battle I changed my pokemon party around and taught the TM Rock Smash to Mooland and had her forget how to Odor Sleuth. Beat her and receive the Basic Badge which makes pokemon up to level 30 behave you (man I need to level up big time now like level 20 each pokemon -sigh-). She gives you TM Retaliate which does damage to the target by hitting it and if you are sending the pokemon out to do this right after a pokemon faints it does a lot more damage. Then Team Plasma has arrived and it's time to go stop them again....

You of course can't stop them and run after them. Through a long talk scene you get a Dowsing Machine from Bianca from Fennel (complicated right?). It is for finding hidden items, not quite sure how it works yet....Anyways you are to go to the Pinwheel Forest next to track down Team Plasma I'm going to go to the early Pinwheel Forest and level up a little first and catch a rare appearance pokemon next time on Pokemon White the Mini Series. :D