I totally goofed up last time I played and didn't save the game before turning off the system. So I had to redo it all. To my luck this helped me out since I found out that cave is a dead end with an item and 2 new pokemon to catch. So let's get started with part 7 shall we! :D

The first pokemon I caught in Well Spring Cave is Roggenrola. It evolves into Boldore normally but to further evolve it into Gigalith you have to trade it. I don't know anyone who plays this game and is willing to come meet me somewhere and trade pokemon so I chose to name my Roggenrola the Japanese name of Boldore which is Gantle. I caught Gantle at level 10 and it had 4 moves starting out: tackle, sand-attack, headbutt (a normal move that is basically your pokemon ramming the opponent), and harden (increases your pokemon's defense).

The other pokemon in Well Spring Cave I caught is Woobat. It evolves into Swoobat once you increase your friendship with it to a really high level. For those who don't know (like me I looked it up) you can increase this by walking with the pokemon as your lead pokemon and battling with it. Also you want to avoid it fainting or using a herbal medicine (I'm guessing manmade items like potion is what this means) because that will decrease friendship. So I named the Woobat the Japanese name for Swoobat which is Kokoromori (yep that is every available letter for naming pokemon). Kokoromori was caught at level 13 with the following moves: odor sleuth, gust, confusion (a psychic type move that hurts the target and can confuse the target if your lucky), and assurance (a dark type move that hits the target and if the target was previously hurt that same turn/round the damage is double, so this is a great move for double battles [and the rumored triple battles]).

Alright so while leveling up Gantle I went around the bend of the dead end cave to the item on the ledge. The item is the TM Thief. Thief can be taught to your pokemon so that when used the target's item will be stole from it by the user unless the user already has an item. Another words some worthless move to clog up my bag with. But maybe you like so who knows I can see how it can be useful, all those oran berry carriers...

So moving along in the game go down the road that we couldn't go down earlier because Bianca would stop us and there on the right is a patch of grass with a item towards the bottom of it. the item is a antidote. If you continue along the path down and around the bend go down and in the end of that little dead patch of grass is another item, it is a Great ball. Across the bridge go a few steps left then go straight down to find a Awakening in that grass patch.
Once you get to Nacarine City go straight to the left until you reach the last building on that row, go inside and the girl on the left will give you a item to up the moves of the pokemon you chose at the beginning of the game I got Magical Water to up water type moves.

Finally it is time to face another gym the stupid way (yep I should go to the Pinwheel Forest first but I'm stubborn). The gym is on the second row of buildings and you will encounter N there as you try to enter so be prepared for a rather decent fight. Once you enter the gym part of the gym (the front area is a museum) you get a fresh water. This gym consists of finding and reading the right book on the shelves inside the gym. However one of the books (I suppose it's suppose to be the last one because that is what the note in the book before said) is being "read" meaning you have to battle the two girls (I'm guessing cuz they kinda look like girls but whatever) in order to get it. However I barely beat the boy at the front so I need to go to the forest which I will do next time on the Pokemon White Mini Series :D