It was always a given that the Uncharted series would make its way to Sony's newest console. The Naughty Dog developed games found enormous success and critical acclaim on the PS3, and rightfully so. All three games make up some of the best the last generation of consoles have to offer, so the decision to continue the series on the PS4 must have been a no-brainer.

Naughty Dog was already a great studio before, with games like Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter making them a household name, but Uncharted is the one that skyrocketed them into the world class studio they are today. Uncharted is the reason I bought a PS3 in the first place after doing my gaming exclusively on the Xbox 360. Uncharted 2 received so much critical praise that I just had to see for myself for what all the hoopla was about and it wound up becoming one of the greatest games I've ever played. I even initially hated Uncharted 3 but after giving it a second chance, I saw just how amazing it was as well. I love Uncharted, so it is with a heavy heart that I say Uncharted 4 should end the series once and for all.

I know the end of Uncharted would not be welcome to many fans. There are already plenty who believe that the title of the game, A Thief's End, indicates it really could be the end. The trailer Sony debuted at E3 even has a conversation between Drake and Sully where they repeatedly say "one last time." Then there's Nolan North, voice of Nathan Drake, who believes this is the last title in the series that Naughty Dog wants to work on.

As much as it may pain fans of the series, I believe ending Uncharted would be the right choice. Uncharted has always been about Nathan Drake. It is his journey we've become attached to. We love his witty one-liners and penchant for getting himself into danger. His father-son relationship with Sully as well as his romantic one with Elena. He is the heart of the series. But at some point, Drake consistently getting himself into these life or death situations runs the risk of becoming too formulaic. How many times can Drake get into these situations before we start to think enough is enough? I suppose they could introduce a new character to take the spotlight, but Drake is one tough act to follow.

There's also something to be said about letting Naughty Dog move on. This is a studio that is not afraid to do new things. Even with the success of Uncharted, they still did something new in The Last of Us, a game which arguably went on to become their masterpiece. It proved that they are more than an Uncharted studio. So who knows what else they could do? Let them explore new horizons. Props to Sony for letting them spread their wings and letting them do what they want. Who knows what a studio like Infinity Ward, in their prime, could have done if Activision unshackled them from Call of Duty. Sony knows they have an incredibly special studio in Naughty Dog, so it's in their best interest to give them creative freedom. If ending Uncharted is what they want, then by all means, let them. And don't give another studio the pressure of continuing the series. I'm sure Naughty Dog has one hell of an ending planned, so if this is indeed the end, let it go out with a bang.