I am a huge Halo fan. I make no secret about it. And it's not about the gameplay or the multiplayer, as excellent as they may be. No, its the universe that I love. The story; the setting; the characters. Even the various books. These are the reasons why I love the Halo franchise. It is that same love for the series that made buying Halo Wars a no-brainer. I had never played a real time strategy game prior to Halo Wars, so I was a bit nervous to play it for fear of sucking at it, but there was no doubt I would buy it, even if it wasn't that good. So imagine my surprise when it turned out to be an excellent entry in the Halo franchise.

Having never played an RTS before, I found it challenging to understand the concepts of the genre. It was difficult for me to manage resources, upgrade my base, create new units and manage battles all at once. Did I suck at it? Absolutely. But I strived to get better at it, and I like to think I did. I honestly don't remember much of the details of the story, but it was still great to see the Halo universe from a different perspective. To see large scale battles waged from a birds eye view instead of a first person view. It was also awesome to order a Spartan to hijack an enemy Wraith and add it to your army.

The online multiplayer was also addicting. Again, I wasn't good at multitasking, so instead of creating various units to do battle with, I focused on one thing: creating Falcons. These awesome air units were incredibly deadly, as long as my opponent wouldn't have any anti-air defenses. One of my friends would focus on creating Scorpion tanks while the other would create a huge army of ODSTs. Was it a smart strategy? Nope. We lost a bunch of games, but it was still fun regardless.

Unfortunately, developer Ensemble Studios is no more, as Microsoft closed the studio after releasing this game. So a sequel seems unlikely, which is a shame. I believe Halo Wars would look great on the Xbox One. Those large scale battles would be even bigger and look beautiful with improved graphics. Not to mention I think it can work really well with Kinect. I could see them using it as a way to order your units and direct them where to go. Every E3 I keep my fingers crossed Microsoft would announce a new entry, and I still keep that hope alive.

Yes, "The World Needs a Halo Wars Sequel" is an exaggeration. The world needs far more things than a new video game. But I couldn't think of a better way to express how much I believe this game deserves a sequel.