There's likely going to be many posts about the Xbox One, so I thought I'd share my own thoughts on the new console. 


So yesterday, Microsoft finally unveiled their next-generation console, the Xbox One. While many people were disappointed in the announcement, it was more of a mixed bag for me, though I do tend to lean on the side of disappointment.

Inevitably, you have to compare it to Sony's Playstation 4 unveiling back in February. The PS4 announcement succeeded because it hit all the right notes with the people who will be early adopters of the console: gamers. Sony knows their audience and knows that people want a PS4 to play games. There was really something for everyone to like in their announcement.

Microsoft's Xbox One announcement was less about the games and more about being your all-in-one entertainment hub. Much of the focus on yesterday's presentation was about being able to watch live television and sports games on the console. MS is dead set on wanting to take over your living room, and it's hard not to admire their ambition. But from a gamer's standpoint, you can see why one would be disappointed. The few games they did show, like Forza Motorsport 5 and Quantum Break, certainly looked interesting but they didn't receive much focus. The games that did receive more attention were EA Sports games and Call of Duty: Ghosts. But those titles aren't reasons to pick up an Xbox One, as they will be on other consoles. However, there is one positive from this. The small focus on games opens the door for Microsoft's E3 presentation to be all about the games. They did mention that they have 15 exclusives planned for the first year, 8 of which will be brand new franchises. So that's something to look forward to.

All that being said, the Xbox One does look impressive. Being able to switch seamlessly between live TV, movies, and games looked great. Kinect looks more responsive. It looks like they took a "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach to the Xbox 360 controller. But again, I'm not buying an Xbox One because I can watch ESPN on it.

It certainly seems like this unveiling was more about what the Xbox One can do that the Playstation 4 can't. It's becoming pretty obvious that Microsoft is holding back for E3. Let's just hope they make it worth the wait.