Developer: Alpha Dream

Publisher: Nintendo

A Nintendo 3DS Exclusive



    Mario has been no stranger to RPGs, he made his role-playing debut in 1996 with SquareSoft's Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. It didn't end there, as two spin-off series would later spawn to continue Mario's role-playing adventures. The Paper Mario series has relegated mostly to consoles, while the Mario and Luigi series was strictly hand-held only. Superstar Saga was the first in the line of Mario and Luigi games released on the Gameboy Advance back in 2003. The new remake of the game came out not too recently, but will a fresh coat of paint make this an adventure worth revisiting?

    Disguised as goodwill ambassadors of the Beanbean Kingdom, The witch Cackletta and her subordinate Fawful steal Princess Peach's voice. Mario is then sent to the Beanbean Kingdom to retrieve Peach's voice with Luigi as an unintentional companion. The new graphical overhaul brings the GBA's sprite art up to par with the series's 3DS entries. The background art and the character sprites are more dynamic. Combat has received no drastic overhauls, which revolves mainly around timed hits to maximize damage output, and dodging and counter enemy attacks when on the defensive. The Mario Brothers can also learn team attacks along their journey, mastering these techniques bestow advanced versions of those moves, which can help you out in boss fights.

    The biggest new addition is a new separate campaign featuring a tenacious goomba trying to reunite with his beloved leader. The gameplay plays out in a real-time strategic lite style. Along the way you'll recruit minions of Bowser's army, divided into three specialties: melee, ranged and flying. Strategy is mainly how you set your team up before battle, as a unit triangle is in place. Melee is strong against ranged and weak to flying, for example. Player input is limited to issuing commands and using a minion's special move. This new mode is a nice extra if you decide to get into it, but you're not missing out if you decide to skip it. If you played the game before, you know exactly what to expect here. The main game holds up well and the new mode is at least worth checking out.





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