When I say video game adaption, I want to be clear that if any licenses have had games in the past I'm mostly ignoring them. I don't watch much anime which is why these are all American shows. Here are the five:

5. Adventure Time:

Ya, I know, this one already has the 3DS game that is said to be quite good.                                      (Here's a link to IGN's review of it:  http://www.ign.com/articles/2012/11/22/adventure-time-hey-ice-king-whyd-you-steal-our-garbage-review). Which is why I'm setting it as #5. Adventure Time is a show about Finn the Human and his magical dog Jake that makes Mr. Fantastic a wannabe. I'm putting it on here simply because of how perfect it is for gaming adaptions. From the great characters and hilarious writing, to the utterly bizarre world and crazy creatures and strange magic that inhabit it. The Land of Ooo is ripe for exploration, not counting the entirety of the multiverse. Making it perfect for expansion. You can pretty much name the genre, and there's some part of this world that would fit perfectly into it. Heck you could even make a point n' click adventure game based on BMO's made up noir stories.


4. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic


 Yep I can here the haters typing from here. But here me out. For those who haven't (or refuse to) watched the show it's basically about six pastel colored equines learning lessons of friendship and battling evil in a Greek-mythos inspired, Tolkien-esque, utopian femtocracy. The Iphone game was pretty much a Farmville clone (sidenote: I don't like Farmville). For any Doctor Who fan can probably tell what they're referencing here in this cover of one of the comics. The character above is known as Dr. Whooves (no joke). He's actually an alternate version of the Doctor that accidentally ended up in this universe that is separate, singular (there aren't any alternate pony worlds) and regenerated into a pony in order to survive (Note: this all fan fiction I'm telling you, the actual show itself never confirms it beyond a subtle and brief reference). For the main show there already was an amazing fighting game known as Fighting is Magic that Hasbro screwed over. Best I say would be a JRPG-esque or point n' click adventure as it would work well with six protagonists.


3. Bravest Warriors

 If you couldn't tell, this show was created by Pendleton Ward, the same creator of Adventure Time. He seems to have a knack for creating shows that are perfect for this medium, likely on purpose. The show is about a team of outer space adventurers who took up there lost parent's mantel who ended up in another dimension. They go on bizarre missions for ever so more bizarre creatures. All on board their parent's old starship shaped like a killer whale. The world and humor would be perfect for the brawler genre, or maybe something along the lines of Ratchet & Clank, with an open world and upgradable ship. Not to mention the fact that the series at one point took the amnesia cliche' and made it fresh and hilarious.


2. The Power Puff Girls

Anyone who's watched it can take a wild guess at how this show is perfect for video games. The basic premise of the show is about three kindergarteners with the superpower equivalent to Superman, who they often make reference too along with other members of the DC gallery throughout the show. It would lend itself to the brawler or perhaps a Galaga esque experience. Each of the girls all have their own special talent that would also lend well to gameplay. For example; Buttercup (right) has (and often does) go into a rage of insanity, in which she pretty much will just murder everything bad guy in sight, Blossom (center) has freeze breath which is pretty self-explanatory, and Bubbles (Left) can speak to squirrels... and Spanish... and Japanese and I suppose pretty much every other language on the planet. Suppose this would be better for comedy moments than gameplay. Nonetheless, it made for great jokes back in the day so I don't see why it should be ignored if said game was made.

(Update: Bubbles actually can make hypersonic soundwaves that can paralyze foes and shatter stuff)


1. Samurai Jack

 I recently just went back and started watching this show and have fallen in love with it. It is about, you guessed it, Samurai Jack, a samurai warrior who spent his entire childhood and young adult life training to be able confront Aku, a shape-shifting wizard who imprisoned his homeland and tortured his father. At the final confrontation between the two, Jack wins the battle and is just about to destroy Aku when the wizard hurdles him into the distant future, were Aku rules and sci-fi technology reigns supreme alongside the ancient magics. The very concept screams for exploration, weather it be a Ninja Gaiden style 2D action platformer, to say a bigger budget game along the lines perhaps of Assassin's Creed with more of a focus on sword fighting action and brawling than stealth. It's in my opinion one of the biggest missed opportunities Warner Bros has ever had. From the setting, to the inspiration from Star Wars, the old Japanese action movies, anime, and spaghetti western atmosphere it conveys at time, the license is just begging for a proper video game outing.


So were they any I missed? I'm mostly focusing on American shows, but if there are anymore you'd like to mention or anything concerning the ones that I did, please note them in the comments bellow. Thank you for reading.