Do you guys play Halo online? I do. I've played it more than you could believe. I know the maps of every Halo game inside and out.

Do you have a game that holds a special place in your heart? I do. That game is Halo. Why does it mean so much to me? You might ask, Well listen to this, please: 



The memories conjured up by this song cause all others to pale in comparison. Say what you will, but the best moments of my life were playing Halo 2 with my best buddies as a kid, from dawn to dusk, dusk to dawn. The music, memories, moments and mysteries I experienced because of this beautiful game will live on with us, the Halo generation. People will say it was just a game, and that we will eventually forget about it through the passage of time.


Were it so easy.








What does Halo mean to you? Well when I was young it meant the world to me. Now after all these years, it feels like it's been centuries, it means more than the world. I remember me and my dad would play Halo:CE all day, and all night. We were crazy in love with that game. He was a red and I was a blue. We were mortal enemies whilst playing, the funny thing is that the only thing that crossed my mind while playing was:






Not long after, my dad passed away from a heart attack. Now playing it, I remember the good times I had playing with my dad, right before he died. Trekking across the maps now is... Indescribable. They feel abandoned, empty, and dead. The games take me back to a time when things were easy. I just do this heart-piercing, bittersweet chuckle, and it almost hurts. Hang 'Em High feels vacant, so does Blood Gulch, and even the narrow corridors of Beaver Creek. It just does not feel like it used too.

Now walking the beaches of Zanzibar doesn't feel the same without my friends banter and profanity, it just plain and simply hurts. I really don't want to believe that I feel nostalgia, because I feel joy, and happiness, for the memories of my dad and playing with my friends.

Were it so easy.




Bungie, I just want you to know something, I love you. Thank you, for everything you've done for me. Not just Jason Jones, not just Frank O' Connor, but everybody at Bungie for dedicating their hearts and minds to this legendary series in the last decade. 

The memories I've had with Halo are something I will never forget. I owe all of it to Bungie, every last second of online matchmaking fun is because of Bungie. I don't just owe my love of Halo to Bungie, I owe my passion for gaming, they made me the gamer I am today. 

Bungie has made my love for games like Call of Duty, and countless other shooters that they changed the landscape of the FPS forever.

Others may forget, but I will remember what Halo did for me. And how it will continue to change me.

Were it so easy...



Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go call up some of my old friends, and play another match of Halo 2.