Darth Nihilus is one of the most powerful Force-wielders ever.  He also sucks with a lightsaber.


Disclaimer:  In order to discuss why the third installment of this franchise is going to be amazing, I have to reveal some of the main plot points of the first two games.  If you haven't played the first two games, stop reading now and immediately go purchase and play them to completion.  They're awesome.

The end of KOTOR 2 ends on a bit of a cliffhanger.  After fighting and defeating his former master that betrayed him at the site of where he once lost his connection to the Force due to his misdeeds, The Exile learns some juicy details about some of the overarching questions that are throughout the game.  While many of these questions are laid to rest, one still remains:  Where is Revan? 

"Revan knew that the true war is not against the Republic. It waits for us beyond the Outer Rim. And he has gone to fight it, in his own way. He left the Ebon Hawk and its machines behind, for he knew he would not need them. And, like you, he knew he must leave all loves behind as well, no matter how deeply one cares for them. Because such attachments are not the way of the Jedi, and they would only bring doom to them both in the dark places where he now walks.  Perhaps you shall go there with him, and do battle at the end of all things. Instead, I remained here… and now show others the way."

The enemy that "waits for us beyond the Outer Rim" that Kreia tells us about as she slowly dies, is the "true Sith".  Despite what you might think, these are not a species of beings that immediately come out dark Jedi upon birth.  Though much is not known about the species or it's origins, the Sith were a largely unimportant species until Dark Jedi showed up one day and made themselves rulers over the people.  However, after hundreds of years of adhering and learning from these rulers twisted philosophies on the Force, they are now somewhat of a professional army with the dark side of the Force as their weapon.  They have been living in the Outer Rim of the galaxy, slowly building their power and quietly taking over stations and planets throughout the region. 

This awesome cinematic trailer for the Old Republic features the True Sith and how they take over the Republic's most important planet in one fell swoop:

Which brings me to my next point. The Old Republic, while it looks to be an amazing experience and one that everyone should partake in, it is not Knights of the Old Republic.  The Old Republic takes place 300 years after the events of the first KOTOR game.  While this is a nice way to make a fresh start on things, there are two glaring omissions from the Old Republic: No Revan or The Exile.

Revan, the protagonist of the first game, was an extremely powerful Force-wielder.  First, as a young Jedi knight, he went against the Jedi Order and led other Jedi Knights who would follow him in the battles of the Mandalorian Wars.  Before he was involved, the Republic was losing planet after planet to the Mandalorians and were quite helpless to stop them.  Revan's brilliant tactics and battle prowess turned the tide back in their favor.  But, this changed Revan for the worse, and he fell to the dark side and quickly became enemy number one, both to the Republic and to the Jedi Order.  Once he was betrayed by his closest ally, Darth Malak, he had a bout of amneisia and was given a fresh start on things and a chance to once again choose between the light and dark sides of the Force.  It is unclear which side he chose at this point, but we do know that he stopped the treachery of Darth Malak before traveling to fight the True Sith in the Outer Rim.

The Exile, the protagonist of the second game, is one of the most unique characters in all of Star Wars lore. He was one of the Jedi Knights that followed Revan in the Mandalorian Wars, a decision that proved costly to him, since one fateful battle on Malachor V stripped him of all his Force powers.  It is unclear as to whether he consciously made the decision to strip himself of his ability to use the Force, but it is certain that he turned away from it.  And he turned away from it for this reason, provided once again by Kreia, who by the way, was also Revan's master:

"There is a place in the galaxy where the dark side of the Force runs strong.  It is something of the Sith, but it was fueled by war.  It corrupts all that walks on its surface, drowns them in the power of the dark side-it corrupts all life.  And it feeds on death.  Revan knew the power of such places...and the power in making them.  They can be used to break the will of others...of Jedi, promising them power and turning them to the dark side.  The Mandalorian Wars was a series of massacres that masked another war, a war of conversion...culminating in a final atrocity that no Jedi could walk away from-save one."

It's easy to pass Kreia off as a crusty old hag, but she was so brilliantly written that even in this caption, it's hard to make fun of her. 

From this we learn a horrible truth: the whole reason Revan joined the Mandalorian Wars and why he got other Jedi to follow was to create his own army of dark Jedi.  The Exile followed as well, but where others fell to the Dark Side, he was able to see through the reasons for battle and saw the dark agenda behind it.  This caused him to turn away from it all and it caused so much trauma to him that he lost all ability to use the Force.  He was ex-communicated from the Jedi Order and wandered the galaxy trying to forget his past mistakes and find some peace.  What he found, however, was a galaxy ruled by darkness, as the three Sith Lords of the second game were coming to prominence and were rising to power unchallenged by the Jedi as the only Jedi left to battle them had all gone into their own sorts of exile.

The Exile slowly begins to regain his Force powers, which brings me to why he is one of the most unique Star Wars characters ever created.  He could, potentially, be the end of the Force.  For reasons unexplained, The Exile gains his Force powers by feeding off of the powers of others.  He saps their power and becomes stronger.  As the Jedi Masters reveal to him, they actually ex-communicated him from the Jedi Order because of this reason, because he was a danger to them, a parasite-not because of the role he played in the Mandalorian Wars.  If left unchecked, he could strip the Force from the entire galaxy. 

He doesn't, as we all know, because the events of the Star Wars movies would never have taken place if they had.  But it creates an extremely interesting setup for the third installment of the franchise.  What will the Exile say to Revan once he meets him, knowing that Revan was responsible for making him perform horrible deeds in order to win him over to the dark side?  What will Revan say, if he has since turned back to the light side of the Force and might not even have a full recollection of the events he was part of before his amneisia?  Will Revan want the Exile's help, especially if one of them adheres to the light side while the other adheres to the dark?  What if Revan is a female and the Exile is a male?  Would a love relationship flourish?  Can the two of them alone at least stop some of the coming True Sith threat?  Will we get some more wonderfully hilarious HK-47 dialogue? 

Query:  Will you deny me the chance to blast more meatbags, Master?

No one knows at this time if LucasArts and BioWare have totally canned this series in favor of the coming Old Republic MMO.  With such an amazing setup, however, and with such a dedicated fanbase already going for it, how could they turn away from what would surely be an amazing experience to gamers and Star Wars fan alike?  I surely hope they do not.

  Note:  All quotes and information I have provided was found from a mix of what I could gather from wikipedia, wookieepedia, and various forums dedicated to the topic along with my own knowledge of the game that I have earned through numerous playthroughs.  Basically, I'm not perfect but I tried to not spread lies and unfound rumors.  Take it as you will.