I, as probably many of you, have been uncovering all of the secret codes in Assassin's Creed 2 that are hidden in the various glyphs.  Some are written in binary code, some in hexadecimal code, and another which I have figured out to be Freemason code.  While I, if people want it, might one day write a blog containing all of these codes (as well as the codes I haven't found yet because I have not completed the game), I wanted to share this Freemason code with you all because it was the hardest to crack.  If you would rather figure this out yourself, click away now. 

The Freemason code is written in the glyph named, "Apollo" and appears like this.  (Don't mind my scratch marks.  I was trying to figure this stuff out.  :)

Freemason code uses symbols to represent the letters of the alphabet on a grid such as this:

However, after taking a look at the code, it was immediately clear that the letters didn't quite match up.  After much thought and consideration, however, I have figured it out on my own (I really did!).  Part of the reason I am even writing this blog is that I'm so proud of myself for cracking it.  Here is the cipher:

As you can see, each letter of the alphabet alternates on it's corresponding side of the grid.  So, the message appears, to say, "Johnson was one of them.  The bees drone too.  Follow the money."  I'm not quite sure what this means but since it was on the picture of the landing on the moon, it appears to say that Lyndon B. Johnson (who was president at the time) was a Templar.  I assume the "bees drone" part is saying that he obeyed the Templars demand like a drone?  I'm not sure.  I hope this helps everyone on their quest for the truth.  One last note, if you have completed the game and this message makes more sense to you than me, don't spoil it for me because I'm still playing.  Thanks.