Usually when you hear that a game has a glitch, you think that that glitch is a failure.  And in case you're not sure what a failure is.  This, my friends, is a failure!

Moving on!  This post is dedicated to the glitches that saved my life in a game. 

A quick note before I start.  I thought up this post and most of the games in said post while at work (packaging hundreds of thousands of eggs doesn't require much thought).  And I did the research while watching crappy horror movies and hosting a forum game (Guess The Movie Picture Game).  So if this post is great, then it is proof that men can multitask, but if the blog sucks....Then I guess I'm the FAILURE!

Anyways, back to the subject.  First up!  Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2

I just beat this game the other day, so I had to add it in.  Very fun gameplay, but not much of a story.  I ran into a few small glitches like getting additional points for objects that I already destroyed.

Then during the final battle, the boss picked up a random enemy with the force, and threw him at me.  The impact sent me flying off the platform.  I noticed that instead of falling to my death, my character was acting like he had just been knocked to the ground.  He then stood up, but finally started to fall.  Thankfully I start hitting the jump button like crazy!  So I double jumped off of nothing and landed back on the platform, and won the battle!  Good times, good times!

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

An awesome game!  I've been playing this a lot lately to get ready for Skyrim.

I don't know if this is really a glitch, but it is helpful.  At my current level, if I go to the arena to fight creatures, I can fight a bear, a minotaur, or a bear and 2 minotaurs.  3 times now I've picked a bear and 2 minotaurs.  Every time I'm only attacked by the bear and one of the minotaurs.  Why?  Because the 3 creatures are so big that at the beginning of the round, the bear and one minotaur are standing at the gate, and the other minotaur is in their hallway.  The problem is that the minotaur is so tall that it gets stuck in the hallway.

So take care of the other 2 creatures, and the final one can't do anything but stand there and take a beating.

Timesplitters: Future Perfect

This time the glitch didn't save my life, but my friend's.  We were playing split-screen, very much enjoying the great collection of guns and characters.  One round, he played as one of the zombies.  During the round he was busy dealing with bots (we mostly did Free-For-All with bots), and didn't notice that I was in the general area.  So I lined up a perfect shot with a sniper rifle, and pulled off the most beautiful head shot ever!  I mean, his head went flying!

Then he turned around and killed me.  Apparently you can't hurt zombies with head shots in that game.

And for the fun of being random..........CHESS!!!

When I was a little kid, we had an old Apple computer.  When I say old, I mean 5 inch floppy disc old!  My Dad challenged me to try to beat our chess game on the hardest difficulty level (level 35 if I remember correctly).  I tried numerous time, and failed numerous times.

Then out of frustration, I basically went on a suicide run with a knight.  I put the computer in check in 3 moves.  I call this a suicide run, because I knowingly put my knight in a spot where 2 different pawns could kill it.  As you know, if you are in check and you can get out, you have to.  But it gave me the checkmate.  I did this another 8 or so times.  Same moves and same results everytime!

Well that's it.  Have you ever been saved by a glitch?  Tell me about it.  And now!  One last poster!