We all have had it happen to us.

Maybe not in video gaming, but some other hobby. Movies? Reading? Picking on your brother?

We get busy, we find ourselves attracted to other things that take up our time that we used to devote to that hobby.

And then we find, months later, even a year or two, that we haven't done it in a while.

You say to yourself "Self, I haven't pickpocketed a homeless man in at least a year. Why did I stop?"

(Ummm....this is just an example that I grabbed from thin air....*innocent whistle*)

Then you think about it, and you just found yourself doing other things. Work got a bit overwhelming, family obligations came up, you found a new hobby that you devoted a lot of time to.

Every time you think about doing whatever activity you used to do, something else presents itself instead.

I found that happening with video gaming. I got really interested in board gaming, and the opportunities to play video games, when they came up, I felt like doing something else instead. I felt myself growing away from the hobby.


(My games were yelling "Get back here and play us!!!!!)


It got to the point where I stopped following most of the video gaming media that I used to follow. I stopped reading magazines, stopped listening to podcasts. I just felt withdrawn from what was going on.

I wasn't playing, so why spend all the time reading about it?

I had felt myself growing away from GIO as well. Mostly because I felt like I didn't have anything to contribute, the blogs had dried up and I skimmed the user blogs here and just didn't find anything to connect with. That was mainly because I didn't know what was going on in the hobby, so most of them didn't mean anything to me.

Then, earlier this Summer, an opportunity to get back into gaming presented itself. I was going to have some time on my hands, and what better way than to revisit my gaming hobby? (That and it was nice to finally use these two $500 machines that had been sitting idle).

EB Games (that's what they're still called up here in Canada) had a great deal going on. I bought Uncharted 4 (that was a must-buy) and with it (they had a buy 2, get one free used game deal),  Fallout 4, Arkham Knight and The Order.

I played the hell out of Uncharted 4 (Damn, that's a great game) and finished it relatively quickly. Now working on Arkham Knight, but I've slowed down a bit. Still playing, but not as many nights as I was.

But I discovered that my love of gaming had only gone dormant.

It hadn't disappeared.

It hadn't been overwritten by my love for board games or anything else I was doing.

It just got buried.

And now I've found it again.



I'm still moderating things a bit. I still don't follow much games media, and I'll probably always be behind the curve as far as the "new hotness," but that's not a bad thing (see MarcoPolo's blog).

And who knows? A number of old GIO folks have come back to the blogging fold, and with this one, I'm joining them in the return. I hope to continue.

I've made promises before that I haven't kept, so I won't promise to keep it up.

But it is nice to be among old friends.

Both games as well as GIO buddies.

And it's nice to be controlling somebody again, making them do what I want and usually dying many hideous deaths in the process.

(Empty Chair: I don't think that came out the way you wanted it to)

If you like, check out some of my old blogs. I still don't think I'll ever surpass "Modern Dating," but I hope the upcoming ones are interesting nonetheless.

And I will see you around the site!