Those of you who know me and who have read any of my blogs before know that I am not one to replay games, at least not very often.

If it's a story-based game, most likely it's a "one and done" for me. I play it through the story. If there's open-world roaming to do afterward, I will do what I can to collect or do things that might be fun.

You know, like go around Liberty City finding all 500 Kim Kardashian butt-shot photos.

If a collector's edition comes out of a game I have already played, I will likely not buy it. If anything, I'll do what I did with Skyrim and just wait for the collector's edition before buying it in the first place.

Two things prompted this post.

First, Game Informer ran an article on the Next Gen GTA V additional music. I had actually made a point to blog about it but then never got the chance.

Trevor thanks you for reading this post, and says that maybe you might want to go look at my other stuff. Or he might have to pay you a visit.

But then Saint posted his peer pressure blog and I saw a hook.

I left a comment there saying that I had never really had peer pressure make me buy a game.

And, as stated before, I have never let "additional content" make me buy a game that I had already played.

But for some reason, when I read this article about all of the great new music that is going to be on San Andreas radio stations in the new versions of the game, my heart started pumping a little bit and I did actually entertain a thought or two about picking the game up for one of my new systems.

I mean, CCR? Alannah Miles? Pat Benatar? Homer & Jethro? (Wait, who? Never mind)

Ultimately, I resisted, but it made me stop and think. (Empty Chair: "Always dangerous")

Is there any other reason that you may go against your natural gaming instincts and pick up a game that you wouldn't have normally?

Saint already covered the peer pressure aspect of it.

But what about something else?

Tons of new music in an open world game? New missions? The appearance of your favourite actor in a game that you wouldn't otherwise touch?

There was a time when I might have bought a video game version of Tiddlywinks if Debbie Gibson had been on it. (Empty Chair: "Sigh. There you go again.")

Anything else that you can think of? 

And if any of you say that you'd buy a Wrestling game if it pitted me against Empty Chair, you're insane.

And also prescient...