Ok, "suckered" might be too loaded of a word, because in reality, I actually quite enjoyed the experience.

I recently became a fully Next-Gen gamer, having purchased an XBox One from Costco. They had a sale on the Call of Duty edition of the console, and all of my reasons for not getting one have pretty much gone up in smoke (Pinball FX2 is letting those who have purchased their tables on the 360 upgrade for free, rumor is that saves from Telltale's The Walking Dead will also be transferrable).

Thankfully, getting The One was not as hairy of an experience as getting the PS4.

No, not *that* "the One." 

This one.

It is quite the machine. And the cool thing (other than the fact that it took seemingly five days to download) was getting Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare with it.

And here's where we get to the subject of today's post ("Finally!" - Empty Chair)

I didn't finish the last Call of Duty game's campaign. In fact, i barely started it. I can't even remember if I finished the one before it (I think I did, wasn't that Modern Warfare 3?). This shows how much I have invested in the campaign.

I'm a huge fan of the multiplayer, which is my main attraction to the game.

Advanced Warfare, though?

I finished it in 10 hours over a weekend.

It's not that the story was *that* engrossing or believable (it was probably one of the least believable stories they've had in a while).

I can chalk it all up to one thing: Kevin Spacey. And the rest of the campaign gameplay getting out of the way and letting me enjoy it (by that I mean it didn't have any stupid Strikeforce missions that I hated).

Yes, I am almost ashamed to admit that I wanted to see what Kevin Spacey would do with the villain role in this one.

I wasn't disappointed.

I mean, it's not an Oscar-worthy performance, of course. But he didn't ham it up like some actors of that caliber would do when they find themselves agreeing to be in a video game. 

Ok, there was a bit of hamminess.

There were no actual hams in Advanced Warfare. Though there should have been.

But no more so than he has been in some of his other roles. He wasn't "videogame hammy" (a term that you can use if you pay me a royalty). He actually played it fairly straight.

And I loved it.

Sure, there was some goofiness in the game too.

What if you didn't like him? Can you press "Y"?

But thankfully it was manageable.

This isn't a review of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, other than to say that I enjoyed it, and am still enjoying the multiplayer.

I'm just curious if somebody being in a game has actually changed whether or not you played it? Or how?

Let me know in the comments.

I'm just glad the game wasn't a turkey, or I would have felt really ripped off.

Ok, I'd better go feed Empty Chair before he starts posting pictures of cookies.

Stop that!!!!