Ok, that may be overstating it a bit.

(Empty Chair: A bit?)

But I have noticed since I returned to the site in May (and then re-returned to the site just this week, and before I re-re-return sometime in the future) that the User Blog section on GIO just isn't as active as I remember it being.

I can't necessarily speak to the number of comments being posted (though it does seem lower than normal), but certainly the number of blogs is way down from when I was on here before.

Only 13 blogs were posted yesterday (one of them mine), 12 the day before, and 12 the day before that.

I remember when the day's blogs used to take up more than the first page of the blog section. It was a vibrant community full of wonder. Sure, not all of the blogs were of interest, but there was so much choice out there that it didn't matter.

Page views appear to be down too. Even Saint's "Favorite Fires in Gaming" post only has 521 views, three days later!

That's unheard of in my mind.

What happened in the 6-10 months I was gone? Those of you who have been around this whole time, what have you seen?

Am I seeing the past with rose-coloured glasses, and it really hasn't changed that much?

It just seems weird.

Anyway, I promised in my reintroduction post that I hoped to do my part in changing the slow aspect of the blog section, and I hope to keep that up now that I am actively gaming again.

But I would love to know what has happened and how things have been over the last little while.

Was it all the glitches that were going on back then?

I admit that's one thing that drove me away (though it was mostly having nothing to really talk about).

Let me know what you think. Any solutions you can think of?