This will be a relatively short, relatively joke-free post because I want to call to everyone's attention something that is kind of rare in this day and age. Or if it's not I've completely missed it.

Those of you who know me know that I'm a big Pinball FX2 fan. In fact, that was one of my stated reasons for holding off on getting an Xbox One, because of all the tables I've accumulated on my Xbox 360.

Yesterday, Game Informer posted the news that Zen Studios was going to be bringing this wonderful piece of pinball goodness to the Xbox One.

I was ecstatic to hear this news, but a little sad because the article said the following:

"Unfortunately, your existing tables, score, and achievements from the 360 version can not be imported."

Not unexpected, of course. That would be a massive undertaking, I would think. And Zen Studios is a business.

So I tweeted the following, after tweeting the article itself.

"Too bad there isn't some kind of discount for those who have bought all the tables before. A loyalty discount, maybe? :) @zen_studios"

Zen, being one of the best companies out there, actually responded! Not only did they respond, but they tweeted the following back to me:

"we're working on either a discount or transfers - will let you know as soon as we can :)"

Could it be? I was joking because I thought there was no way that they would do something like this.

A game company that wants to reward loyalty? Am I reading that right?

Of course, this doesn't mean that they'll be able to do anything. "Working on" doesn't necessarily mean that it will happen. It may be impossible.

But the fact that they are trying to reward those who have been with them almost since the beginning...that is very heartening.

I will continue to buy their pinball tables, and when I get an Xbox One, this will be one of my first purchases.

Kudos to you, Zen Studios. Well done indeed.

Any other stories of game companies listening to their audience that you can add? Leave one in the comments.