I held out for a long time, but I finally succumbed.

No, I'm not talking about joining the Kardashian family.

I finally broke down and bought a PS4. Don't all scream at once.

(Empty Chair: we won't)

It wasn't a tough choice on which one to get. I have Pinball FX2 on the Xbox 360 with new tables coming all the time. I have The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us save files on the 360 (the latter just finished, but will there be a second season?). Before you say anything, we don't really have room to have three consoles up, so once I get an Xbox One, the 360 is probably going to go in storage or something.

So the obvious choice was the PS4.

And I was quite happy with the choice. My PS3 has been sitting dormant, but I was really looking forward to eventually playing Infamous: Second Son so it was easily my first purchase along with the console.

I got everything hooked up (thank you, Sony, for making the power cord the same as the PS3 so I didn't have to dive back behind my shelf to unplug the danged thing) and things were looking pretty good. I downloaded Netflix, bought a Playstation Plus account (yay, springing for two online services!!!) and got ready to roll!

(Delsin's as excited as I was when I first hooked the thing up)

I inserted the Infamous game disc, watched it slide easily into the disc tray slot. I held my breath in anticipation, waiting for the game to pop up on the screen.

I passed out after about four minutes of holding my breath. After I got home from the Emergency Room (my wife was understandably concerned), I looked at the screen. Still nothing there.

I'd say something was wrong.

I ejected the disc and tried it again. I heard an extra "ka-thunk" sound when the disc was inserted. But nothing happened.

I tried about five times (because I felt if the first four didn't work, the fifth one *just might*) and achieved the same result. That same result that I got when I sent Debbie Gibson a love letter back when I was 17.

No response.

(Empty Chair: there you go with the ancient references again. Will you ever learn?)

I cursed a blue streak and looked up on the Internet what the problem might be. Didn't find much help, though the ones I did find did say that it was probably a faulty disc drive.

(This is what I wanted to do to the guy who put the disc drive in my new console)

I packed the thing up in the box and was determined to go take it back and exchange it. My wife said she would come with me. She asked if EB Games was still open. (They still haven't become Gamestop up here in Canada) I said "I'm sure they are." But then decided I'd better call.

"Sure, you can come exchange the console," the pleasant gentleman said. "Cool! How late are you open?" "Ummm...we just closed." he said.

I was bummed.

The good news is that it was easy to exchange the next day and I quickly got up and running. Played the hell out of Infamous and have now bought Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and Watch Dogs and am really enjoying the console.

I'm quite happy with my purchase.

I am finally with the Next Generation.

I am one of you.

Ok, not one of you if you haven't upgraded. But the rest of you.

You know what I mean.

I look forward to much gaming goodness in the near future.

And maybe I'll actually have something to blog about again.

(Funny how I say "I'm back!"  to blogging and then disappear for two months. Ooops.)