Timing and coincidence can be a funny thing.

I came to Game Informer in May 2010. In fact, it's been just over 4 years. I was a frequent blogger, but I haven't written a blog post since August 2013. And I haven't commented on anything (until yesterday) since October 2013.

I sort of grew away from video games a little bit. Not in a "I'm growing up sense" (hell, I'm 43, so I'd better be grown up!), but in a "not having the time or the opportunity" sense. I found myself completely lacking in stuff to talk about, I decided I wasn't going to get a next-gen system right away, and I became much more engrossed in my iPad and iPad gaming than I was in video games.

It didn't help that the site had turned into a glitchy mess, even going beyond what I had suggested doing in my last post. Commenting was turning into a nightmare and sometimes even posting was.

As the site collapsed, I just kind of faded away.

Then my good friend Mojo posted something on Twitter, a quote about me that intrigued me. That led me to listening to episode 100 of the Jacked-Up Indie & Mojo show with Saint as a guest. Saint had some wonderfully kind words to say about me and my blogs, words that I will always appreciate.

I was listening in my car on the way home and got to thinking.

You know what? I've missed this place. I've missed the community. Sure, I interact with some of you on Twitter (the ones I know, anyway, as there are plenty of awesome new people here). But I do miss it.

I even found a pic with the tie I'm wearing!

So I thought I would come back and see how things are going. I left a couple of comments yesterday, and behold! The comment bug appears to be fixed! 

I've also gone back to reread some of my blogs here and realized that I miss blogging as well. I don't know how much that will happen, as my finger is so far from the pulse of the video game world that Mr. Fantastic might not be able to reach it (Empty Chair: oh sure, go for the easy comic book reference).

But I will come up with something.

And in the meantime, I will be commenting on other user blogs, my favourite part of the site. I notice there aren't as many as there used to be. I hope to do my part in changing that, at least a little bit. Or at least in fostering things along even if I'm not blogging that much.

I think that says something about this community, the resiliency of it. The "homey" nature of it, because I do feel like I want to become a part of it again.

You can't say that about every community out there on the web.

So for those of you who know me, it's good to see you again! And those of you who don't, I look forward to meeting you all.

Now, I think I'll end this before I cry...danged onions.

(*Empty Chair*: ah, grab a tissue and man up)

Yes, my blogging companion is back as well. He wouldn't stay away.