I've been a much more frequent visitor to GIO lately than I had been for a little while. I'm still not here all the time and I do miss some blogs (though not that many, considering they seem to be slowing down), but it used to be a few weeks between visits. Now it's more like a couple of days. I'm also blogging more than I have been, though not to an excessive level.

In the time that I've been back, I've been flashing back to my time playing Skyrim a lot, and not just because of my last few posts here.

No, this site has become buggier than the brain of whoever told Miley Cyrus that her VMA act was a good idea.

(Web programmer or starlet-wrangler? Maybe both?)

I only really go to the user blog section, though I do read some of the news stories and other stuff. I assume that the commenting bugs also inhabit the news posts, though I haven't gone to check that out for sure. I'm sure there are also plenty of bugs in the forums section as well, though I can't comment on those.

We've all seen them. In fact, you'll see it if you bother to leave a comment here!

Those really ugly globs of text, uglier than Robin Thicke's suit (sorry, that performance is still seared into my memory).

My favourite photoshop of that monstrosity, and I post this for you 80s movies fans. :)

Now it seems, whenever you leave a comment here, it removes all line breaks and just puts it into one huge paragraph.

This bug has evolved (maybe too many antibiotics?). It used to be that this didn't happen until somebody replied to a comment. Replying to a comment would send your original comment into an emotional tizzy that could only be resolved by hunkering down into a shell, terrified to come out. Maybe it had issues with its mother?

Now, it just happens as soon as you post. It's like your comment is taking its first tentative steps out the door on the first day of school, and then hunkering down as soon as it sees the light of day.

As I'm going around the site, I see tons of these pools of text, and it's getting irritating.

Here's a tip for those of you who are commenting on a post and see this happening to your eloquently-worded, must-read comment.

If you just click "edit" on your comment, and then "Save" without doing anything, it will make everything as good as new. All of your line breaks are there. Your glib prose is there for all to see and not mired in the muck of all the other words that were around it.

A beautiful and easy fix. The hard part is remembering to do it, though the fact that the page loads up right where you comment is makes it easier. It's hard to miss that big mess your comment has turned in to.

As every informercial known to man says, "but wait, there's more!"

Yes, if you call now, you too can get two bugs for the price of one!

Many times when you hit "edit" on a comment, you'll get an "access denied" error.

This is a sporadic bug and it doesn't prevent you from doing anything. Just hit "edit" again. If it pops up again, close it and hit "edit" a third time. I think my record for it coming up was four times, with my ability to edit popping up on the fifth try.

So persevere and you will be rewarded!

If everybody would do this, then once again the comments for blogs and news stories would look pristine and actually be, oh, what is that word I'm looking for...on the tip of my tongue...oh yeah. Readable.

There are numerous other bugs on the site, though none of them that I've seen are game-changers. I know that the avatar pictures sometimes disappear, but they come back. I know some people are having trouble posting or commenting, and I hate that because the ones who have said something to me are people I'd love to see on the site more.

This particular bug makes the site really unattractive to try and navigate, though.

The strength of the blogs section is in the comments, the back and forth between reader and blogger. Yes, we have some great bloggers here, and they are very important.

But if we didn't have people leaving comments, giving us bloggers feedback and responding to our thoughts, we'd just be talking to ourselves.

And I don't even like myself enough to talk to myself!

(Empty Chair: some would say he's imagining things too)

Yes, the strength is in the comments.

And right now, the comments are a bloody mess.

Try my technique out, and you too can contribute to cleaning up that mess while the GIO folks try their hardest to keep the site running.