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Borderlands 2 - A Sacrilegious Comment to Follow?

I bought Borderlands 2 on opening day and stuck it in my PS3 that very night to start reveling in the comically violent goodness that we all knew was coming. This was one of the most anticipated games of the year! Everything the original had and more! Sixty+ hours of gaming goodness!

Now, before I continue further, I should remind you of something about me ("Or maybe introduce yourself to the inevitable new reader?" - Empty Chair): When I buy games, I tend to concentrate almost solely on those games. That's one reason I never buy two games, because inevitably one of them is going to sit there unplayed until I finish the first game (see my comment on Saint's excellent blog tonight). I find it very hard to play an old game when I've just bought a new one.

I should be 30 hours or more into Borderlands 2 right now. I should be playing the crap out of it, almost to the point where the game freezes because it's trying to tell me to turn the damned PS3 off.

Yet for some reason, I find that I'm continuing my NCAA Football 13 Iowa State legacy. Sure, I'm playing Borderlands 2 also, but the majority of my time this past week has probably been playing football. 

Football, I can play a game at a time. I find myself saying "I'll play one game and then go over to Pandora." Instead, it's "just one more football game" until my gaming time for the day is up.

Why is that?

I have to tell you, I don't have a clue.

I can say that, for whatever reason, I'm just not in love with Borderlands 2 like I expected to be. It's a great game, and I am enjoying it, but there's just something that's not sitting right with me. I admit I haven't played co-op yet, because I wanted to be at a decent level when I played for the first time, and I just haven't played it enough to do that. I'm a Level 9 Commando. But I'm already getting that same sense of tedium that I found in the first game when I played it single player.

I think it's a kind of "bad guy fatigue" that I am already getting, and so I sense it will get even worse as the game goes on.

Pandora is a beautiful world. I love that we're in an ice and snow setting to start the game. It's a world that I want to explore! But it's kind of hard to do when monsters keep respawning every time you go to an area. It started really early, after I cleared up Liar's Berg (it's so early in the game that I don't consider this a spoiler). I was exploring the town and saw, on the outskirts, a bunch of bullymongs were wandering nearby. I saw the potential for loot, so went over and killed them. Then, imagine my surprise (though I shouldn't have been) when Sir Hammerlock tasks me with killing those same monsters! And sure enough, there they were again.

I know that in a lot of these games, monsters respawn. Kingdoms of Amalur is a great example of that. However, the areas where monsters respawn in those games are never as detailed and intricate as they are in Borderlands 2. When you leave Liar's Berg, you go out on the glacier, and you can go right or left. You have a couple of missions, with the optional one taking you left. In an ideal game, you could explore the whole world, but I hesitate to do so in this one.  I can foresee travelling through this area, clearing it out, and then being sent on a mission to do the same thing again. This is useful when you need to grind to get experience, but it's not really that fun. Especially, I assume, in later areas where the monsters are tougher. Even in these early stages, while the bad guys may not be that tough, there's going to be lots of them. When I finally did go through that area for Claptrap's mission, there were a bunch of bad guys there! Can you imagine trying to clear that twice? Or more?

(An excellent RPG that you should try out)

Needless to say, exploration is out. I make a beeline for my mission point and that's it. Why repeat all of that stuff again? I've already killed Marauders on the elevator to the abandoned shop outside of Liar's Berg three or four times as I've passed through the area.

It gets annoying after a while.

Is that the main cause of my lax attitude toward the game?

I'm honestly not sure.

For some reason, it's just not in my "I must play at all hours of the day" category that new games typically fall into ("And something I'm sure your wife loves!" - Empty Chair). I'm not consciously avoiding it, but it's also not consuming me like it should be.

I want it to consume me. I know that it's a good game. I know that it is fun. I do enjoy the time I spend on it.

But I'm enjoying my football dynasty more at the moment.

Is that wrong?