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Trusting your instincts - boss fights

Boss fights annoy the @#%@% out of me.

You might remember I ranted about them before.

So you'd think that I would avoid anything that was really boss fight heavy, wouldn't you? Most of the time, I do.

But ohhhhh, that peer pressure. It can really get to you when you're weak.

I'm going through that right now, and this experience has taught me to trust my instincts from now on, no matter what anybody says.

Some of you may have guessed what I'm talking about (or maybe you follow me on Twitter so you already know what I'm playing).

Yes, I'm talking about Shadow of the Colossus. This game is really getting on my nerves.

I hate boss fights, so why am I playing a game that consists only of boss fights? Finally caving to almost two years of people saying what a wonderful game it is. How beautiful it is, how the story is so touching. How this is the game that, if Roger Ebert played it, he would never be able to say that video games can't be art.

Bollocks, I say.

Ok, sorry. I'm just a little pissed at myself right now for not paying attention to my instincts. I have no doubt it is a wonderful game. I can even see the potential in it, and I see why people love it. So please don't take this as an attack on your views about this game. Because it's not.

Instead, this is a suggestion to everybody out there to follow your instincts when it comes to games (and with many other things in life too, of course). If there's a particular genre of game that you don't like, or a developer that consistently lets you down, don't let people talk you into buying a game just because "this one is different." Or at the very least don't let them talk you into spending a lot of money on it.

I bought the Ico/Shadow 2-pack for $20 at Gamestop, and it was well worth it because I really loved Ico. I don't feel like I've wasted my money. I do feel a bit like I've wasted my time with this game, though. I am near the end of the 5th Colossus (the eagle) right now. I was going to wait until I finished before doing this blog, but it was taking me so f-ing long to do this one that I finally just paused it because I wanted to get this post out. Thankfully, I'd say I've only played about 5 hours or so. Not much time wasted.

A game is supposed to get tougher as you go along, right? An increasing level of challenge? If I'm at the point where I almost want to literally tear my controller in half or throw it across the room, and I'm only on #5 out of 16, I think that's a sign.

(This is my controller right my mind, at least)

I'm done with this game. After I finish off this eagle. Because there's only a sliver of health left, and I am determined to not have the last 90 minutes spent in vain.

Maybe I'll come back to it periodically and do one at a time, then take some time off. I don't know. I did three of them last night and this is my second one today.

Really, folks. If your instincts are telling you to do something, or to not do something, pay attention to them.

There's a reason that they're there.

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