In this day and age, we all talk about the limited time and money that we have for gaming, even as gaming becomes a huge business. We often hear the cry of the overloaded: "There are two many awesome games coming out! I can't keep up!"

I even did that with the "My Gaming Autumn" post, where I talked about having to make tough decisions on which Fall blockbuster releases to buy and which ones not to.

At the end of that post, I mention not having the 100+ hours to sink into Skyrim at the moment, and since it was a single player game anyway, that would be a 2012 purchase.

It's now more than a month into 2012, and I still haven't bought it. I'm almost caught up with the games I did buy (even the two extra ones, Arkham City and Deus Ex: Human Revolution that I bought because of the huge sale that was on for them). Yet I still haven't bought Skyrim. And Mass Effect 3 is right around the corner! Is it the general bugginess that has turned me off? Not really, especially since there are already four patches out for it which have pretty much fixed most of the major issues.

No, it's just how damned big it is.

I know I will love the game as soon as I get it. I loved Oblivion and played the hell out of it. I have loved both Mass Effect games, despite the time sinks that they are, as well as the Fallout games. 

But just thinking about the time sink it's going to become intimidates the hell out of me right now.

I have trouble multi-tasking my games, so I know that I'll basically be playing Skyrim (and then Mass Effect 3) to the exclusion of all else. And the very thought of it has me cringing in terror. 

Ok, that may be overstating things a *little* bit, but I think that's the main cause of my reluctance. I even went and downloaded Bastion (a great game! Pick it up today for 600 MS points before it goes back to 1200) after getting stymied by Deus Ex the other day. I could have easily just stopped at EB Games and bought Skyrim instead.

This intimidation has also made me pretty sure that I won't be buying Kingdoms of Amular. Not because I think it will be a bad game, but because the thought of *three* huge RPGs in a row just scares the crap out of me. Where am I going to find the time? And does this mean that I won't be playing anything else this year? Is that really fair to Kingdoms? Not really. But I can't help that. We all have to make the right decisions for ourselves.

Does anybody else get that feeling sometimes, when looking at a game? Does it influence your buying decision at all? Do you look at a game, think "100+ hours? I don't have time for that. Let me go buy this 5-15 hour game instead"?

Rest assured, I *will* be buying Skyrim, probably as my next game. Once I'm immersed in the game world, I will probably love it to death (unless it breaks on me, in which case I'll snap the disc in half and throw the pieces at the cat...yes, I have anger issues). It's just getting me into the store that's the hard part right now.

Maybe a couple of you can come up here and drag me into it?

And if so, can you dress like that? (this comment is not addressed to the men reading this post)