One of the most common complaints I've heard about the PS3 is the seemingly constant need for system updates These updates are big and can sometimes take a bit of time to download and install.

Generally, though, the process of updating doesn't fill you with dread. Instead, it fills you with annoyance and "I want to get into the game now!" anger.

Unfortunately, it always has filled me with dread. I posted about this back in June 2010, but we had a PS3 that we had bought on Ebay, and it was annoying enough that I rarely ever played it. The fan would get loud, which was one problem. The other problem, as detailed in that post, was that system updates were a real chore to install. I had to try multiple times to do it, but eventually it would work. Then, when it started not working, I had to boot it into safe mode and then it would finally work.

Yeah, this was me. (Thanks to

When PSN got hacked and Sony went through all of their troubles, it didn't really affect me too much, because I never played the danged thing anyway. My Xbox was enough for me. PSN coming back is what finally put my PS3 to rest. I finally booted it up to get the thing going, and maybe take advantage of the free games (booting it up was such a chore because of the update process, and since it was always so long since I had turned it on, there was ALWAYS an update).

And it didn't work.

Yes, no big surprise there, but I kept at it like I normally did, figuring it would eventually work. I would put it in Safe Mode if i had to.

But it didn't work.

Nothing worked. The installation continued to die at 64%. Every frickin' time. I would wait days and then try it again. Same problem.

Finally, I said "screw this!" and never turned the thing on again. It became a big, black dust collector. I was miffed, because one of the games I was looking forward to was Uncharted 3.

Fast forward a few months. I've become very conscious of money and hadn't wanted to spend any on a new PS3, even though this made all of our Blu-ray discs useless as well. Even with the price drop, I just didn't want to spend $250 (after tax) on something that I didn't use that much.

Then Wal-Mart came out with a great deal: A PS3 Slim, packaged with Uncharted 1 & 2 and God of War 1 & 2. For $239. (This may not have been Wal-Mart exclusive, but that's where I found it).

I thought about it for a few minutes and then said "ok, let's get it." It arrived on Wednesday, and I've been really enjoying it.

It's nice to have a quiet machine, a controller that seems to work as a wireless (for some reason, I could never get the controller on my previous machine to work as a wireless). Something that I can leave on if necessary and not worry about having to turn the TV up to 15 in order to hear it over the roar of the fan.

While the Uncharted games are useless to me (I already have them, so I haven't even opened the shrinkwrap), I've been playing some God of War, and really enjoying it. It's not really my type of game, and I'm not very good at it, but button-mashing works for me. I hadn't realized just this game was.You even get a trophy (wow, I just typed achievement there) for sex!

Just one question: when they did the HD remake to put it out for the PS3, couldn't they have fixed the stupid save system? It's really annoying being able to see a save point but not be able to get there because of a tough encounter where you keep dying, and you have to leave soon. If you're going to use checkpoints, why not just save the game there?

Anyway, to all my PSN friends, I am back online! And I have a mic, though I've never figured out how to use it (the PS3 died shortly after buying the mic). And if we're not friends on there, my gamercard is on my GIO profile. Look me up!

I am now a dual-console owner again.

And I am ecstatic about it.