I just did a post on my personal blog about commenting on blog posts, especially site that moderate comments to avoid controversy (or whatever other reason they offer).

That got me to thinking about GIO and how it operates, and how we as a community operate as well.

One thing I like about blogging on GIO is the interaction among the community members. Almost any blog from a Level 5+ member  is guaranteed at least a couple of comments from people, even if it's to tell them that their blog is terrible (there actually should be less of that).

(Thanks to XKCD, my favourite web-comic out there)

You get (relatively) instant feedback, and the page views acknowledge that at least somebody's clicking on the post. People are actually reading what you write!

That's so cool.

What I'm curious about, though, is the behaviour of commenters *after* the comment.

Currently, GIO has no way to "subscribe" to a post to see any further comments (c'mon, GIO, get with the program!). Therefore, the only thing you can do to see if anybody responded to you (especially the original poster) is to go back to the page and check. And the only way you can do that without bookmarking every one is by going through your "Activity" feed.

But what if you're a prolific commenter? That feed can get long pretty quick.

So I'm curious, and I'd love all of your feedback. I'm only talking about GIO here, because other blogs are set up differently so you probably act differently (though you're welcome to say so in your comment).

1) When you leave a comment on a blog, do you go back and check for responses, either to you or just other responses to the blog in general? Or is it just a one-time "I've said my piece, I don't care anymore" kind of thing for you?

2) If you do go back and look for responses, how long do you do so? And how frequently? Do you do it the next day but not after that? Does it depend on who the blogger is (i.e. whether you know them well or not)?

3) As a blogger, how long is too long to wait to respond to people (assuming you do)? Are you one who does mass responses, like Saint, myself, and others? Or do you like to respond individually to people as you see them? And how long is too long to wait?

This actually happened on my last blog, where I got busy and didn't respond for two days. If you left a response there, I have *did* finally respond.

4) As a blogger, do you ever go back and see if somebody's commented on an old post? Do you use the feature (buried in the "Advanced Editor") to manage comments, and thus see if there are no comments on old posts? And if you don't, how long is it before you consider it pointless to check? A couple of days? A week? Yesterday?

Me taking two days to respond to my last post kind of got me thinking about comment behaviour. The things I relate in my personal blog post written today just added to all of that, so I thought it would be interesting to see what you all think.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

(What a meta statement that is)